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ok im trying to upload a video to youtube, but first i wanna edit it in iMovie, since thats the only program i have...

any idea how to upload the video from my camera to iMovie??? reply

damnit, wrong account... if you wish to PM it to me (since that would be easier for me) please PM it to this account... if your only a guest, then go ahead and post it here... ill be back here later... reply

anyone? reply


I don’t have a Mac, so I know almost nothing about iMovie. However I went on the web and read the manual for it. You can get it here. You can read pdf files any of the software listed on this page.

I don’t know what kind of camera you’re using, so I don’t know how you get your source videos. Is it a regular digital camera?
There’s two ways to get the videos into iMovie. You can copy the video files from the camera to your hard disk (you should know how to do this - it should be the same process as getting images and videos from your camera to your computer); the normal way is usually either via a USB cable or wirelessly on some newer cameras. Then if you look in Chapter 1, page 5, there’s a part that says importing clips from your hard disk. Just follow the steps, and browse and import the movie.
The other way is to capture the video. That’s in Chapter 1, pages 1, 2, and 3. You’ll need a USB or FireWire cable (not many cameras have firewire these days, though camcorders do). Then just follow the steps in the manual to capture the video into iMovie. reply


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