I have a DIVX-Capable DVD Player... ok, now what?

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Hi guys,

I just bought a divx-capable DVD player for my living room. Apparently this badboy will play divx with no probs! Sweet!

Problem is, I have no idea what divx is, what the file types are, and how to burn them (on blank cds? blank dvds? eh?)

Hook me up!

Warning: Hypothetical Slighty-illegal Situation ahead:

I assume that someone could download a divx movie file with a file-swapping proggie such as limewire... just out of curiosity, what would the file extension be? *.dvx? *.avi? Would I simply burn it onto my cdr as a standard file and then pop it in my dvd player? Help!

Thanks! :D reply

Here is a link to read about DivX Create and what’s all about it:http://www.free-codecs.com/download/DivX6.htm reply


DivX is a type of video encoding. The only media player for PC that reads them reliably is, believe it or not, DivX Player. If you just want to watch things on your PC (which I assume you don’t since you bought the DVD player), then download DivX Player. You’ll only need Basic (free!), and their URL is www.divx.com.

Generally, .avi I believe. This isnt really my speciality, so I apologise if I’m just wrong. Here goes.

First thing to do is to check the format. If you think you’ve got a DivX-codec file, open up the G-Spot Codec Information Appliance. Download it from http://www.headbands.com/gspot/ Install, run, and open the file in question. It should tell you everything you need to know about that file’s format.

Next thing. Assuming its a DivX file, Burn it onto whatever it’ll fit on. Recordable CDs are cheapest, but you’ll need a DVD-R if it wont fit. If it isn’t a DivX file, convert it. The best software is Dr DivX - simplicity of power. http://www.freedownloadscenter.com/Multimedia_and_Graphics/Video_and_Animation_Tools/Dr__DivX__Three_Step_DivX_Encoding_App_.html is the download URL. It’s not free, but that version is Shareware, which should last you long enough!

Once you’ve got a DivX file, you should notice it’ll take up a fraction of the space. Lucky you! Next up - burn it! Funilly enough, the software DivX recommends is generally quite rubbish and amateur, but seems excellent on this. See their page at http://www.divx.com/software/detail.php?id=54 , but you can only buy from there. Their price is $39.99, and the Magix site sells it for £29.99 plus P&P. If you really dont want to buy, you should be able to find it using a downloads program such as Limewire, or using the BitTorrent network (see my post dated 24 June 2005 06.08pm http://www.moviecodec.com/topics/5042p20.html) I dont endorse this - not because its illegal, but because particularly smaller software companies - which could provide the healthy competition needed to get technology development moving faster - need the revenue from software sales. If you can spare a little cash, they would really appreciate it!!

That software, however you get hold of it, will burn you a DivX CD or DVD. There is other software that’ll do it. If you become really into burning DivX discs, remember to label them all properly - theres nothing so annoying as sorting through disc after disc, desperately looking for a certain film. Good filing systems can be found at IKEA. Hehe.

I hope that helps you out. As I say, dont trust me blindly. Any posts correcting that are welcome, or indeed confirming whats there.

Cheers, peace. reply


Bigfoot - thank you, you ROCK! reply


Dr.DivX is out of business that’s why they came with the new bundle DivX Create.http://www.free-codecs.com/guides/The_Doctor_is_out.htm reply


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