I can't play my movies

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i can’t play some of my movies on windows media player. i keep getting this message “Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The file is either corrupt or the Player does not support the format you are trying to play." so far its just for .avi files. I’ve got loads of codecs and im pretty sure ive got most of the important ones. any body got some advice? reply

"0xC00D1199: Cannot play the file” comes up when u click 4 more info reply


from my experience that means purely that it is just a corrupt file and nothing else. doesnt matter if youve got every codec out there the file is a dudd. youll find a lot of unreleased movie files can get that message. also if it was a codec problem then wmp would have said that in the error details, it sounds like the file is fucked. reply


you may wish to check out these two articles


http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=816044 reply


I experienced the same problem just a moment ago while trying to preview a downloading movie. Mainly I think it was due to unfinished file, but I’m also appreciating the hint Jagdish (are you Indian, btw? I’ve got a friend called Jagadish...) was giving. reply


I am getting the exact same error message and code: 0xC00D1199: Cannot play the file
But I know the file is not corrupted or damaged
because it plays fine in QuickTime Movie (but I hate that program)

The files are video clips from my camera an olympus c50 and are automatically saved as .mov files, which media player doesn’t recognize.

Please any ideas as how to fix??? I just downloaded the divx 5.11 codec and that fixed one of my other movie issues based on one of your suggestions... thanks by the way... reply


i’m experiencing the exact same problem, looked at countless forums but no joy, lots of people have this problem and there appears to be answer yet on the net :( to the “0xC00D1199: Cannot play the file” problem. The files i’m trying are xvid.avi, there definately not corrupt, whats more is that gspot says there not even avi files ?:(
the microsoft patchs haven’t solved the problem either but thx to jagdish for the links :) sorry 4 being such a whiner ;)



Try reinstalling DirectX, it worked for me reply


oh i had that problem too, but know i know how to fix it reply


thanks for any help... .or at least I know other people are having the same problem...

Does anyone know if there is a converter from quicktime to mediaplayer??? (.mov to ....)

thanks and good luck to us all.. and if you know how to fix it now... share the knowledge :) please...


ljewels reply


people, i had the same problem with my movies.
i didnt really know how to fix it so i downloaded anything i could think of

in short.. if u wanna see ur movies again, download the latest directx version, and if u already have it and it still doesnt work, just download “bsplayer”, its a cool player and it fixed my problem
k good luck everyone ^^ reply


Thanks for the clues..!!.. GSpot has an analyzer -
that pointed out the Codec - and ALSO a free patch - that appears to have “fixed” the problem. reply


try winamp.It works with me reply


i get the same error message, except my file is a .wmv and i downloaded gspot and it found no errors, ive tried other programs to play it(Divx player, winamp etc.) and the movie plays but then stops in the exact same spot a few seconds in. i tried playing it with windows media play 6 and it got a little further but still freezes.

any suggestions? reply


hi im having the same problem now. just a while ago i was able to play an rmvb file in windows media player after making adjustment to the subtitle file in the time adjuster wmp will not play the movie anymore it says video corrupt.what happened? reply



I cant play some movies in Media Player 11, but they work in DivX! Go figure! reply


Download Cole2k

This is the Download Site

This enables Windows Media Player to Reconize just about all media

Works Great for me just install it dont change a things while installing it and it will work just fine

Got any questions Email me: Acr_Chaleyco@yahoo.com reply


I had the same problem. Solution is “STORM CODEC” download and run this program it might help.


Hope it helps. reply


i can play may movie reply


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