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Most of the time video clips on the internet opens in a small Media Player within the web page and there is no link where one can Right Click and Save Target As...

Does anyone know, in these cases, how to “download” this movie clip to your hard drive ?

When I right click on the little Media Player after the movie played through, the “Save As” option is greyed out.

I’ve tried to see whether the movie is downloaded to some Temporary Internet folder, but cannot find anything. reply
go there, download the program and you can save your file with this utility. It allows you to record virtually any file viewable (movies, trailers, video files basically). It also allows you to to take screenshots from the video. reply

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This site did not help at all! reply


Scroll to the bottom and there’s an application that should work.

You can also try seaching for “Streaming video recorders” or a similar phrase.

Phillip reply


None of this works as i need a video clip of WW1 and i need to save it on my desktop then put it on my powerpoint reply


this site is complety no help at all reply


one way of doing this is by downloading real 11 beta.
it can download any internet video clip. reply

You need to convert the video clip to avi,mpeg and then u can save on your desktop. Free Online sites can do this for you such as reply


Ok, here we go.

Download the internet browser opera (google it) then play the video all the way through. then navigate to c:\Documents and Settings\[your windows user name]\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile\cache4\ In there you will find a whole bunch if files. Sort them by size and the odds are that the biggest will be the video you want. Copy it to your desktop or wherever you want to put it and that’s it.

It should be noted that application data is a hidden folder. You’ll either have to make invisible files & folders visible in folder options or you can open application data folder directly by opening Start>Run and typing %appdata% in there. reply

I use a program called “vdownloader” Im sure if you google it you will easily find it 2 download. Its free and really easy to use!! :) reply


dont bother with all the answers only 1 is important and thats the i use it all the time andit works reply

this tells you how to do it. the firefox extension works on everything and actually downloads the video file instead of recording your screen. I dunno how fraps is, but it doesn’t work for mac reply


avg and microsoft tell me there’s a trojan in the vdownloader package. try at your own risk. reply


I’m using Save Video plugin for Internet Explorer. It’s really easy to use for me... ( reply


KD wrote:
This site did not help at all!

try save video plugin reply


search freecorder 4 in google... then download its tool bar then u can save any internet video clips in to ur hard drive reply




v v v good and bakawas hy ok reply

Feedback reply


I was able to copy some old family video’s off a distant relative’s facebook that was set by the poster as “not to share” with the Save Video Plugin free trail. Worked great and saved video in same HQ as the original. Amazing program with no hassles. reply


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