how to save and play dvd on computer

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i have downloaded lots of programs to save/burn/play a DVD and none of them work, what is the best program to save and play DVD’s on your computer reply


ImToDVD reply


any dvd and clone dvd and nero/vlc media player. reply


I suggest you use mac dvd copy to copy your dvd to dvd player media, which can be directly playable on Apple dvd player, or you can copy your dvd to iso image to watch on your Mac.
hopy to help you~~ reply



OK, I’ll make this more about maintaining the DVD’s quality...

Get AnyDVD, DVD rebuilder, Cinema Craft Encoder 7 and a DVD burning program, I use CloneDVD...Ironic in a way, I know.

So, run AnyDVDHD and insert the disc. Open DVD Rebuilder and set it’s passes using CCE to somewhere between 3-5 (The more passes the longer it takes and the greater the quality)..

I must mention that you cannot surpass the quality of the source material.

The reason I do it like this is to maintain as much quality as possible. Using CloneDVD or DVDShrink, etc. Are merely transcoding the material which loses more of the quality and can even distort (Blur) the picture you’ll see.

Now, make sure you set it to use DVD5 if you’re using a DVD5 (4.35Gb of space on the disc), DVD9 for a DVD9 (8.5Gb of space).

Most of the DVDs today are DVD9’s. Unless they’re bluray.

Ok, start the re-encoding (Yes, it re-encodes the video to maintain the quality and CCE (Cinema Craft Encoder) is the best so far.

Now, you’ll have from 1:30 hours (One and a half hours) to 5 hours until the disc is finished and ready to burn. It depends on your system.

If you have two DVD Drives and both are able to read the formats used IE DVD5 and DVD9, then get DVD Decrypter or IMGBurn and have the program automatically burn the DVD for you to save you the time of loading the program and burning it off when you realize that it’s complete.

Another way to assist in quality maintainence, is to run the ripped files through vob blanker before running them through DVD Rebuilder. I personally just run the DVD through DVD rebuilder with anyDVDHD active and then burn. My passes are set to 4. reply


use DVD Flick freeware, it generates dvd files from your video and burn dvd with Imgburn. You can even add subtitle for videos. reply


Use DVD Ripper for Mac. It can copy data from DVD to Mac and convert it to .mp4 file, so we can easily play DVD movies on Mac. reply



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