how do i change xvid to a format i can burn

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can anyone tell me how to change my download format to a format i can burn and watch on dvd im using n**o burner to burn i have not a clue how to do this so anyone who can help please leave instructions thanks reply

If you’re sure about your file and is working ok picture and sound go ahead and convert it from Xvid to DVD with any converter you may have.DivX to DVD is very fast and if you download Copy to DVD from same site is going to do the job for you.Drag your Xvid file into Dvix to DVD and put a dvd inside the burner and relax.Simple like that.Here is a link to VSO: reply


thank u labish i figured that out aleady whilst waiting for a reply and downloaded the converter but i cant find the link for download copy to dvd as when i click on this it says click here to download copy to dvd but there is no link so i have now completed the transfer to dvd but have not burned it to disk what would be the easiest way to burn it from here? reply reply


the link doesnt work reply

also ive tried to use my n**o burner to put onto dvd but i dont which cd to use is it video cd audio cd or mixed mode tried mixed mode and this looks most likely but once ive dragged the file it wont give me the option to burn argh my hair is gradually falling out reply

It’s nothing wrong with the link.Highlite the link and copy and paste it your browser address and click enter or go.If you can not use it try your Nero with ** on it.DivX to DVD is converting for a dvd folder called video ts.Inside this folder you have a vob file besides and ifo and bup.Open Nero Vision Express and pick make a dvd add vob file and click next until you burn it.Here is link how to put a bin file on a dvd.Use only the burning part with Nero and good luck: reply


labish if you r out there i need your help again.
im finding it hard to watch some downloads that are in different formats.
i can watch anything that has xvid next to it but when it says dvd or dvdr it wont work it guves me cue and bin files i put theses through winrar like xvid but it doesnt give me the media icon to wach them.
is this because of the type of format if so can u tell me what is the difference between
and what do i do to watch them.Also i still never managed to burn my download to dvd i followed your instructions downloaded the software it changed to dvd but when i put the dvd in to burn it doesnt work it advises there is not enough room on the dvd as it needs 3.somethingMb but the dvd has 4.3Mb space? if u can help i would be much obliged. thank you labish. reply

Here is a list to help you. Cue/bin or iso are image files ready for burning cd’s vob is part of a video ts folder besides ifo and bup files and is for dvd.When you download something look for Xvid is the best choice one the size is smaller than a dvd second quality is better than vcd/svcd.Stay away from downloads like cam or nuke quality is the lowest and the sound sux.Won’t be too many as in US to cary a camera inside the theatre is banned.Read the guides from this site how to work with a video file. reply


so let me get this straight i cant watch dvdr on windows media player i have to burn it to dvd?

If this is not correct can u explain how to change it so i can watch it on media player.

plus can u tell me again how to burn to dvd this is what i do and u can tell me where i am going wrong.

1 I open divx to dvd from the link u gave me

2 I put the file to change into the source file

3 Destination file already is filled(divx to dvd)

4 Click convert.

once it has finished

1 I open copy to dvd SE

2 it comes up create new project with the following options data cd/dvd, audio cd, dvd video(i have tried both data and dvd video)

3 It comes up select video-ts.ifo in this case madagascar

4 now after i select that it brings up VTS_01_1.VOB - VTS_01_4.VOB and VTS_01_0.IFO,VTS_01_0.BUP,VIDEO_TS.IFO and VIDEO_TS.BUP which are all located in folder video ts it also shows a folder named audio ts with nothing in it.

5 i click on write it comes up with the message please insert writable media required free space 3.83 Gb

6 i am using Maxell dvd+r 4.7 Gb data dvds that are new and never been used

Am i making an obvious mistake or something else?
thanks again labish reply

DVD-R or just dvd’s play on any media player that work with vob file the dvd image put by you on your dvd.Power DVD or WinDVD are very popular.Do not burn the dvd as a data is going to do a backup on your video ts and won’t play on anything.Download from vso copy to dvd and before converting on DivX to dvd interface is a check mark burn with copy to dvd.If you have it install after you start the convetion is going to burn the dvd by itself using the directory for your output video ts.I have some data dvd-r and won’t work for video setting so get something different no data dvd-r’s.Here is a link for VSO: Also some burning softwares ask for the video file when you try to work with video ts folder.Some like copy to dvd or Clone dvd2 work with video ts folder just point on it and the sofware is doing the job.Other like Nero Vision won’t do it and you have to give the video file and the one to put is only the vob file but be sure you put them in order like 1.1 1.2 and so on.This is a 1 click converting and burning (DivX to dvd in pair with VSO Copy to dvd) but if you look for quality TMPGEnc the short from Tsunami MPEG Encoder is a better choice with a longer converting time.When you want to put more video files on one dvd uncheck burn with Copy to DVD make a video ts from that file and go to next one.After that use any authoring software you like and build a new video ts with your vob’s and make a menu with chapters so you can have a nice dvd after burning.The guides I give you to read show you screen shots about this. reply


Here is a guide how to use DivX to DVD: reply


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