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im self taught on computers but have hit a brick wall with this one.
i have a old home VIDEO, a dvd recorder and a computer.
i have managed to put the video onto a dvd and this will play on my computer.
when i open up the file there are 2 folders. video RM size 1.12mb and video TS 4.31G.
when trying to copy the ts file by copy and paste or drag and drop, it aborts part way threw.
i tried running it threw dvd shrink / this program kicks it out part way threw analizing.
vso divex to dvd aborts it.
has anyone any ideas? as this plays no problem i cant see why it doesnt copy onto my computer no problem.
please any ideas will be happy to try.
thanks reply

also if it makes a differance / when the disc has been coppied on the recorder and finalized and put into the computer / the disc reads (in the my computer section)
MTK recording volume (D;) reply


You may have hit the filesize limitation. Certain file systems have a maximum filesize limit (I think it’s 2 or 4 GB for FAT32 - not sure for NTFS).
Use a DVD ripper instead. I know this seems pretty futile since the DVD’s not encrypted, however rippers let you rip by chapter or cut up into 1 GB segments, which is the feature you need ATM. I’d suggest using smartripper since it’s freeware.

For info about the VIDEO_RM folder, read this
http://www.afterdawn.com/glossary/terms/video_rm.cfm reply


I believe that he’s using Fat32.

As I’ve had files around 10Gb (Gigabytes) and no complaints by the OS (Operating System).

Fat32 usually gives up around 3.5 Gb.

He really needs a format, to keep higher files on the computer.

If he’s on NTFS then get another HD(Hard drive). reply


You don’t need to format. You can just use the convert command. Just open a command prompt window and type
convert c: /fs:ntfs
Then it’ll convert the file system from fat32 to ntfs the next time it reboots. It may take a while on a really large hard drive though.
A couple of warnings: don’t do this if you need fat32 (for example if you dual boot), and it’s not a reversible operation (you can’t get back to fat32 using the convert command). reply


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The answer is: its a VCD format.
You can use the free pc/mac app called Handbrake, or use a similar app, to convert the DVD to MP4 or desired format.
Be sure to convert all titles (add each to queue), as these disks are usually broken into 2+ sections. In Handbrake, there is a title drop down menu which will show you how many your disk has. Enjoy, and God bless. reply


Are you want to transfer videos to computer? reply


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