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I’ve been trying to figure out for a while just how to get some high quality screen shots from movie files such as AVI and MPEG. I’ve tried putting the movie on full screen and using the print screen button, however it doesn’t work. Every time I paste the image into Photoshop it screws up. The only thing I have currently to do it right is VLC media player, but I’m not satisfied with the small size of the image.

Are there any really good programs I could get that would allow me to take large, high quality screen shots? Thanks in advance for your help. reply

okay, just load it into “paint” or whatever program you have, then resize it. If you think that will sacrifice quality by resizing it, it won’t. VLC takes the screenshot at a certain size, resizing it will give the same image as if it were fullscreen in vlc player, trust me.

Or you can put on a pair of magnifying glasses.

So, I gave you three options to make the image look bigger. Do i hear a thankyou? reply

It got a bit blurry, however it fits my needs. Thank you very much good sir. reply

The best way I know of is play the file with Media Player Classic, then press F5. It’ll save the screenshots into your My Pictures folder. For more accuracy you can pause, then step through the movie as well. reply


Media Player Classic WILL do just fine, you can also make a thumbnailpage (index) of the movie reply


BSPlayer can also take screenshots and do it well.-) reply


FRAPS reply


u should use topaz moment..its also enlarge captured frame ;) reply


I finally got the Answer. Shame on VLC for not making this abundantly clear to all users. GO to VLC SETTINGS then video then video deinterlacing, turn it on, then go to view turn on advanced options then click the snapshot icon at the bottom left of player to take HD snapshots. ENJOY all. reply


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