Help me understand burning downloaded movies please

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I have just started downloading movies off the net, and through this forum have found out all about codecs, but i am having other troubles. most movies i download will not play on my DVD player I am getting the message unknown disc on it( the discs play on my computer). I was wondering whether it was due to regions. My DVD player plays region 2 or all regiion discs. Could it be the formats I am recording in. The one I just tried was AVI. Is there any way to find out if a downloaded movie will play prior to downloading it. Any help would be great . Some advice on literature about all this or a relavent web site would be helpful too. reply

its prolly because your dvd player does not support .avi files (divx, xvid etc) and .asf (wmv wma) most dvd players made til 2003 did not have this feature although later in 2003 and 2004 they began supporting such formats.. check your user manual n tech specs of your dvd player. unless its divx certified or the like it wil not play the cd

another thing is that the movie may not conform to the divx profiles and there’s a conflict, somewhere..

just a little bit 2 help ya out ther.. good luck reply


Thanks for that bit of info. my specs say DA converter, DVD, CD/VCD, MPEG, MP3, but I still don’t understand it. I ran my 2 most recent tries through Divx to dvd converter and they now run on my player. One was a avi file and the other was an MPEG file. after being through the converter they are bother file folders i.e VIDEO_TS. Does this mean that if I run any DIVX avi or MPEG file through the converter they will work on my player (codecs allowing) or was this luck. Thanks for the other advice all this helps a virgin at DVD matters. reply


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