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well i dno wether this is the right sight for this, but there is a little exclamation mark inside a yellow emblem icon in my tray at the bottom right corner of the screen. wen i hover the mouse over it, it says “downloading updats *%" right now its at 36%! wat is it? is it a virus? :( well im on 1.5mb net so if its a virus it is big, someone help me plz reply


my friend.
if you are using windowsXP, it is the updates of windows files such as security...

anyway there is tothing to worry about..
if you do not want to download them..

you may disable it from
control panel/security centre/automatic updates

see you soon...

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I also need help. I downloaded an anime movie yesterday, but it’s got the weirdest.. well, here, I’ll show you: zx.daughter-of-.divx5.ogm I’ve tried to find a player that’ll work, but so far no luck. Please help. reply

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