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Humble greetings,

I’m trying to play a movie, and it gives me this exciting message ...
“Warning: HD Codec not detected. Please get the correct codec from www.hdmi2.com”

That’s all well and good, but going to that site gives me nothing to download.
I’m running Vista Home Premium with Vista Codecs. Any idea where I can get this HD Codec from and will it interfere with Vista Codecs.
I’ll appreciate your help. Thanks! reply

Well. It looks like me and you both got the same message.

Looks like we wasted our time downloading that video :-( reply


Sorry about the vandals who litter the board... That’s inevitable with a board that allows anonymous posting. I cleaned that up though.

Now, about your post. I’m VERY surprised you get any message from playing a video, especially one that directs to a URL. What format was the video in? (To be frank, I’m wondering if you actually ran an executable.) And what program did you use to open the file? I’m also thinking it could be a wmv or mov file with DRM, and the license popup wants to redirect you there to (potentially) download a virus.

If you’re wondering, run gspot or avicodec on the file to find out. If it’s a quicktime file, and you happen to have an older version of quicktime (pre-7 or pre-7.1 I think) you can go to window, show movie properties, and it may indicate something like a url or flash track (those usually contain popups). reply


Same problem,
I am using BsPlayer Pro 1.42 Build 883 with K-Lite codec pack. I can watch great portion of all videos but this video files gives that silly message. reply


Can you feed the file into gspot 2.70 and paste to us what it says?

I don’t even trust that url (hdmi2.com)... It redirects to icreditexperts... What does that have anything to do with video? Looks like spam and scam to me. reply


Tried downloading a torrent from piratebay of the Cloverfield, the video runs like mentioned above, only telling you this in three lines (It smells fishy to me) by leaving your e-mail adress? I guess this is the anti-piracy guys or just hackers. No way the video will turn around after a codec from viewing 3 minutes of information and after a “codec” it would dislplay 1hr30minutes of HD movie? guess not:

Warning: HD codec not detected!

please get the correct codec from:


On their website is the following (All text copied):


“To Ensure That We Maintain These High Quality videos for FREE! You Must Do Something For Us”

You help us and we help you everybody’s happy

Getting the codec for your video can be done in 3 simple steps see below
Plus you get your own FREE membership to the #1 social and business network

1) Follow the link under the 3rd step and submit your DATA - dont submit DATA twice or you will fail security checks

2) Confirm the email you get

3) Wait for your codec - when u confirm the email the codec for the video file will
be sent to you by autoresponder .

Click here to get the codec after reading the directions


Maybee I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure you don’t get to watch a video but just trouble. Please post any info on these hdmi2.com guys

Greetings -Yell-low-bird- reply


yeah same shit :S it pisses me off dat peeps do stuff lyk this wers the point as soon as we c it wer jus gunna delete it!!

it is just a scam by the way delete the video unless you can find a decoder somwere but i still highly dought the movie to be real


{|Ch40T1CA TE4M|} reply


all they want is your credit card numbers or access to you chequing account and they then on sell the data to criminals to strip your account dry DO NOT TRUST this site when they say your account details are safe. reply


yea i just finished dl ing that same movie cloverfeild and thats what it says on the screen. not to sure i want this movie after all seems kinda fishy to me why do we have to go to this place in order to watch the movie i’m going to delete the movie and wait for a better one were i dont have to dl any kind of codex to watch it like all the other moveis i have and i dont need this codex in order to watch them eithr reply


STay out of this guys. This is fishing net for your credit card details. reply


I have the same problem with some video

maybe they are hakers !

I feel that I am stupid when I opened that link

thank you eveybody reply


Thanks for da gen guys, I also downloaded the vid and got the shit message... reply


I’ve already got the same trouble with the “http://codec.uploadvid.net/" site... The message is absolutely the same !!!

I think that behind theses sites there are people who just try to scam people, it’s obvious.

The whois information are the same too :


I hope someone will find a way to clear thme for the torrent network... these people are shit ! reply


hi guys got same message from a golden compass download b ullshite i use vlc player it will play anything this was a simple avi file and got that silly message if your dling and it is slightly larger file with slow dl rate quit that sh it 8 times outta 10 its a spyware adware virus wot eva them dirty scumbags want to give you or steal from you .wish i could get there real address never mind there e mail they need drowned in a bath of urine .help us and we ll help you come on ...we re a happy family that share wot eva falls in our laps so to speak thats the whole point of our dl sites not to rip people off happy viewing every one and get rid of them suspect files reply


Got the same message as well, seems to be an ahole that is downloading the original movie off the torrents, re-encoding it, and sending it back up under a bogus “legitimate” name. Is there no way the torrent sites can track who is doing it and delete their accounts?, Especially since they are impersonating the original encoding ppl. I just download all the movies twice now. Sometimes, if you just download the sample file, it has the same message, thereby saving you a lot of wasted time. reply


this message it´s a shit! anybody have this fukin code? reply



It seems that we all got hosed. You only get fished if you give them your info, my advice don’t take the bait. Delete the file and try again with another user. There is a bright side to all of this, at least they did not report us to the FEDs.

On another note; has anyone ever been fished? That must suck.

Cheers. reply


for all...VIRUS is in those site reply


Don’t bother with any video you get that message on! I ran Gspot on the new Rambo movie after getting the same message and found that I do have the codecs necessary to play the video file. No surprise there since I can see video of the message. If you legitimately did not have the codec, the media player itself would tell you, not the video! There is a good chance that these files are provided compliments of agents of the movie industry to discourage people from downloading movies. Just be patient, and if you get a file with this video message, just delete it and move on. reply


word to last poster ... JUST MOVE ON.,.. you’ve waisted time dling now dont wait anymroe time and just move on. GARBAGE FILE reply


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