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When I play freddy vs jason my screen is green and its seems as if frames stay and get mixed with the following, wich codec do I need to solve this prob?
It happened to other movies to. reply

i have the same problem trying to play some avi files encoded with divx, the only solution i’ve found is to play those files using divx player. reply


yop tous

c la meme avec bad boys 2 ?:( reply


Which codec pack have yous got installed? reply


I’ve got all sortys of codecs, no packs reply


I had a similar problem with a DIVx encoded episode of Aqua Teen Hunger force. Try going into your start menu and navigate into the folder that the DIVx codec’s configure program is in and under the Quality Settings tab unselect the Yub Extended Mode. That worked for me. reply


The file is XviD.

Unintall all versions of DivX and XviD codec and install the following.

1. 3ivX - (

Also try using WMP 6.4 (Start>Run>mplayer2 - enter), or try Zoom Player - reply


The One and ONLY Xvid/Divx FIX – for ALL your needs!
For those that see green mushy screens, media player stops or crashes, or just don’t know why some avi files don’t play – it’s because they’re coded Xvid or Divx files and you need the right stuff in the right order.

I don’t know about everyone else’s plan to fix all your codecs problems will work for everyone. You might want to try my fail-safe way I’ve listed below. Remember you HAVE to uninstall ALL the codecs you’ve tried to install in the past to make those movies play flawlessly!

Ya know, when you’re good, you’re good. Thanks to my new friends AssPop and Equalizer for the praise they gave me on solving their little Xvid problem. I was so moved by the many obliges and thanx’s, that I set out to fix the annoying Xvid “crashing” problem that occurs on average of 1 to 3 times when playing a movie. And lo and behold, I figured out the solution. It wasn’t quite there in my face from the research I did on the internet, and all the solutions left by others strayed me off track, but I was able to manage what could quite possibly be the highest point of my life (so far this month).

I figured out how to play a movie coded with Xvid and plagued with frozen frames and corrupted parts without the Windows (or any other) media player crashing or screen freezing. I know you are all gasping with your jaws open right now as I did when I saw the 7th minute of the Two Towers play on through the error at time 7:50. It was so beautiful to see Gollum er, uh Smeogal, get his boney ass kicked by the hobbits – uninterrupted!

Oh, Happy Day! Let us all do the Dance of Joy! I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!

Okay, I’m not gay, let’s get that straight. Here’s the trick:
1. Uninstall the Nimo Codec Pack and any other codecs you have tried installing – get rid of them ALL!
2. Shut down your machine.
3. Restart the thing – duh.
4. Download the FFDSHOW 01-03-2003 alpha from or or just do a search for “FFDSHOW Filter” and look for the one with the date 01-03-2003.
5. Now install the Nimo Codec Pack first, BUT make sure you uncheck the “Ffdshow DirectShow 2002-04-19” under “DirectShow Filters” and keep hitting “Next” until the install completes.
6. Now install the “FFDSHOW 01-03-2003” you have downloaded (it’s 9 months newer than the other one and you will see that makes all the difference). Just accept all the default settings and keep clicking “Next”.

!Voila! You are done! No more crashing, just smooth sailing when watching your movies up for academy consideration.

This latest Ffdshow plays Xvid and runs right on through the bad frames like a Moe’Fo.
Spread the good news. Let me know what you guys think!

- Miguel_ TX at Yahoo dot com

E-mail me if you have any questions, comments, or need help downloading Nimo or Ffdshow.
P.S. (when you hear sound but see no picture) Some files are known to play ONLY in the Divx player, go to to download it - only use it if you can’t get a divx movie to play after following my instructions.


3ivX can decode both XviD and DivX - MPEG4 content. No green picture problems or anything because it’s optimized to decode most MPEG4 content.

All DivX content will play in your chosen media player if 3ivX or similar is installed. If it doesn’t play report this to the folks at . They will fix it in a jiffy. The developers of 3ivX are very easy to get a hold of.

Uninstall all versions of DivX and XviD codec and install the following.

1. 3ivX - (

Also try using WMP 6.4 (Start>Run>mplayer2 - enter), or try Zoom Player - reply


with in an impartial view who’s tried both, what do you reccomend?
I dunno whether its the same thing but a lot of my Office Series One documentary has got blue dots all over the place to start with, and certain frames linger on to the next one, if you kno what i mean. I’m also get a kind of photo negative effect (in blue) on most of this.
I’ve installe the nimo codec pack.

Now... will i be able to use nimo with 3ivx? reply


I was also having trouble with green screen video, first tried the 3ivx solution, but that didn’t help, so then i tried temux’s solution and it worked! Thanks Temux reply


What do you mean it didn’t work? Why didn’t it work? What error did you get? I hope you configured 3ivX to decode XviD and DivX video files :)

I have tried Nimo, Tsunami and stand-alone installers of versions of XviD and DivX and then discovered 3ivX. 3ivX is now the only codec I’ve got installed for decoding MPEG4 video content - both DivX and XviD.

Nimo is not a codec, it’s simply an installer for several different codecs, that are easily found and downloaded from their respective sites:

Those sites have all the needed things, that’ll help play DivX and XviD content correctly, but I choose 3ivX because you can encode video content yourself using it.

There is no reason to install Nimo. Apart from it containing SPYWARE, it’ll also create problems if you decide to ever re-encode DivX and XviD content to (S)VCD (MPEG1/2 video content).

eddiebobdon: tell me which codecs did you have previously installed, while you were using 3ivX. I would guess it was XviD and what was happening is 3ivX was NOT doing anything. It wasn’t decoding or helping any because the XviD codec you were using was associated with decoding XviD video/picture.

If you installed Nimo while you had an older version of XviD installed - the new version of the XviD codec would’ve taken over the decoding automatically (note: you can download ALL versions, including the STABLE XviD versions from

Please be aware that advising someone to use Nimo is frowned upon, if done at well respected forums like (experts on video encoding), you’ll get spurned for doing so.


(Previous poster said they installed Nimo and here’s the response):

“Big mistake. Those packs causes nothing but troubles. If somebody tells you to install some codec pack never believe him/her.

It depends what player and OS you’re using but first install ffdshow.

Go to codecs, enable “use overlay mixer”. This might help

Before you do anything uninstall Nimo Pack. If you’re lucky it didn’t mess up you registery too bad."

“Looking for a ac3 codec to play back Divx.

already tried nimo codec pack but it mixed everything up and in the end nothing worked.

So is there a single ac3 codec for divx to install ????"

(Frequently asked question numer 16)

“I only get a green/no picture on playback!
Several reasons are possible: your VGA card can’t cope with the resolution of the video - install the DivX-G400-patch from the download-section.
You installed the Nimo pack? The Nimo Codec Pack is evil[tm]! Happy reformating and fresh-installing your system! After that, stick with ffdshow or the XviD decoders. Just install the codecs you need, and no bloated packs!
FFDShow can be downloaded here:”

This one in particular doesn’t need a quote^. They just say in the first post that they just finished cleaning the registry because Nimo messed it up.

In light of the above evidence of Nimo’s errorneous and dangerous tendancies, I would not ever recommend someone to install Nimo because it can certainly mess with your system and doesn’t always work anyway.

3ivX should work in most instances, and if it doesn’t - it WON’T leave left-overs or other things that can mess with a system, causing you to have to have to format.

Sorry for not wanting to have someone install something (e.g. - Nimo) that I know could totally wreck their PC’s configuration/registry. reply


Thats all bollocks - you dont need to do anything in any particular order and I am not going to blow smoke up my own arse and praise be for what I am about to say like some people.

The solution is simple.

Uninstall all the codecs your using ( especially the Nimo pack ) and instead install the Tsunami pack.

Problem solved reply


What in the world are you on about satchboy69? Praise be? I was merely giving EVIDENCE to back up what I was saying.

Hose your system then, install spyware then. Like many others have... Your advice is wrong and you know it. All you want is to use fowl language, and cause others further problems by recommending them install problematic things like codec packs. Yip, you don’t care if someone’s PC errors as a result of YOUR advice.

As if Tsunami is any better than Nimo. It’s NOT.

Follow satchboy69 advice if you want. Ignore all the EVIDENCE I’ve stated above, which is directly from the best Video/Audio encoding forum on the net.

Hhmm, let me see. I’ll give you an even simpler solution satchboy69. No codecs required:

Install VideoLAN. reply


my Green screen problem is solved!!
Bought me a new pc
TNX for the advice, now i just downloaded the good codecs and i have no more troeble playing any movie

Greetz reply


Me too. had several files that wouldn’t play. They all play a dream !


Temux your a star THANK YOU!

W00t w00t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:):):):):):):):):):):):) reply


i uninstalled all the previous codecs, then installed the 3ivx codec, worked like a treat. best bit is it plays all content! :) reply


Best thing is that it’s fully uninstallable if you no longer need it. It won’t leave any remnants of spyware or any other nasties, unlike a certain *cough* Nimo, or Tsunami *cough* pack ;) reply


yo Frightfo0! thanx man!
i have had this prob for months and no combination of driver packs or single codecs would fix it. finally i followed your advice, uninstalled everything, and installed 3ivx... BAM works perfectly. cheers man.


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