Goku vs. Superman

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Goku wins. Some goku feats -

1) ss3 transformation alone shook and almost destroyed the planet (would have, but goku realised and stopped in time). He almost destroyed the planet from fucking screaming.
2) his power was so HUGE that it was felt in a completely different realm, in the realm of the gods.
3) he can collapse dimensions from screaming.
4) gotten trillions of times faster then moving to fast to be seen
5) gotten trillions of times stronger then lifting a 20 tonnes mountain as a kid.
6) trained 7 years in the world of the gods, with the best facilities in existence.
7) punches people through mountain after mountain after mountain until they stop themselves otherwise they would keep going.
8) blocked planet shaking punches from uub in base, it can be multiplied by ten with ki instantly, and ss4 is 3200 times stronger, making his punch 32000 times stronger then planet shaking.
9) far exceeds Ftl, and with IT he exceeds Ftl by maybe tens of thousands of times
10) he can READ THE MINDS OF HIS OPPONENTS, he knows what they do before they do it.
11) blocks the sharpest of swords with a finger, they break on impact.
12) he can sense people all over the universe
13) he can galaxy bust casually
14) he can scan the universe for kryptonite and use it on him.
15) he can teleport him to a place with a none yellow sun. How will he know the weaknesses you ask? He will say do you have any weaknesses and superman will think of them, and goku will read his mind and use it against him.
16) if we are using the GT goku, then he fused with the eternal dragon becoming immortal, and capable of wishing for anything within his power, I.e learning of his weaknesses, making him non pre crisis superman (this was a joke by the way)
17) goku knows telekenesis, which is no effect on superman, but maybe the surroundings.
18) goku could use kaioken on top of his ss3 or 4 to make it even stronger like he did against pikkon.
19) destructo disk, will cut right through superman.
20) he is a born fighter to the genes.
21) no limit to his power, he keeps getting stronger and stronger. Superman gets beat from city busting.


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