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anyone need help with their software?
need any computer help?
contact me.
i’m a professional at these things.
now get it at a general location. reply

just ask your question.
no harm. reply

hey dude wats up

i got this game iso image file but i cant burn it b/c its invalid can u tell me how to burn it or convert it into a valid image file?

thx man reply


it depends,
how are you trying to burn it?
cd, dvd,
software, etc... reply

oh and i only ask that everyone who posts a question refer this forum to poular forums. reply

any ideas why metal of honor says that it cannot initiate the opegl.dll file when new games like call of duty 2 and need for speed most wanted play fine? reply


call of duty 2 and need for speed most wanted play fine without opegl.dll
atleast mine does.
just make sure the file is called opengl.dll not opegl.dll
if it is missing, search for the .dll file on the net. the site that has it should say something about free dll’s.

and nobody be afraid to e-mail me if they think that it is nessasary. reply

im tryingto burn the invalid image file with roxio dvd and cd creator 6 but it will only let me burn valid image files reply


i use roxio myself,
but you can just burn it as a data cd.
or you just have a corrupted image file. reply

when i go to start micrsoft word it says error 0xc0150002 how do i fix it? reply


1. my realplayer10 stutters and skips streaming audio like crazy. it’s very annoying. any idea how to stop this? i like to listen to these one hour radio shows, but... yeah.

2. i need some sort of a pc mechanic program. i tried all the unlock codes on here, but none worked. i think maybe they were all too old. does anyone have one? i’m broke and my computer is too. sorry for the pun. i know they’re annoying.

thanks reply


I would like some help. I just downloaded a torrent program and I am trying to play with Media Player. I can’t figure it out. I tried with other sug. from this site. Not very good with computers. reply


It would help if someone could give me step by step instructions. reply


Replay tinkerbell .
You could try the following, go to start bar, dan on run and type the following winword.exe /regserver and enter, then the same for Excel.exe /regserver and enter , this will fix your problem. cause the office memorieses all the time the root user as document and settings / user. and it seems that ur profile on this folder is corrupted but only for the MS office. good luck. reply


To Dark Samus
Hi. I have the Sonic software, but am unable to burn movies. I get this error message.
Operating system error:Gdiplus::Status = 0x800401f3 -13
What in the heck does this mean?!
Thanks for any help you can give.
Solzrd reply


i need to know how to install sound on my computer
my friends fucked it up thought they were smart asains or somtin even tho they are suposed not all are
no i dont got anything against asains
if i did id probably b dead my school has lots of asains well get back to me on tha reply


well listen and learn from someone who is a smart asian
fist you need to know what sound card you are using,everest or SANDRA 2006 Lite
and then do a web search for that sound card drivers reply

If you still need help drop by:

Also we will be releasing Microsoft Word Professional 2003 Full download at the forum reply


how the hel am i suposed to figure out wut card i got? ill ask my mom in a little while im\n the mean time ill b checkin up here its 1100 pm here and i got to go to bed reply


it also says i need a boot disc or somting to install wut i have dounloaded but i dont even know wut i have dounloaded so i have looked 4 the disc in all the discs i have gotten with the computer and none of them say anything about sound
but it might b on the 1 tha says printers and faxes but i have no idea thas y im asking u guys
gary d. chiatovich
go ,,|,,(-.-),,|,, ur slef in the mean time lolz
no hard felings tho reply


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