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I tried to find a movie on Kazaa resurrection (I, Robot), and after the search found virtually thousands of files, with a bit different names, when each user seemed to share dosens of various “I robot” files, different size and extention. I assumed that all these were fake, after all why would you keep on your pc 30 different copies of the same movie. So, can anyone tell me if there is a way to filter all these fakes. Thanks reply

Yes there is a way to filter the fakes from the real. Use www.ShareTheFiles.com :-) Read their FAQ’s section and use their links.

Also visit the forums - www.sharethefiles.org (registration required to enter, but it’s worth it :-)

Also, as a tidbit of info - Kazaa Resurrection is only a FastTrack client. FastTrack is the actual name of the network that Kazaa Resurrection, Kazaa Lite Tools K++, Grokster and iMesh connect to. So in essence you find the movies and stuff on the FastTrack network and download those files using your chosen client. reply


Hi, I like your wtiebse banner. i.e., SOME DAY ALL THE SOFTWARE WILL BE FREE, coming to my issue, Could you please provide the code how to get the properties of a shortcut. Generally when we drag and drop a file from a particular location to desktop it will create a shortcut on desktop and to get properties of that shortcut, we usually rightclick on that shortcut and will select properties. Please provide vb.net code that will do the same thing. Thank you. reply


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