European DVD's on N.A. dvd players....quick question

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i live in canada and obviously my dvd player plays ntsc dvd’s.

my ive installed software that changed my dvd player to region 0.

so if i purchase a PAL dvd from europe, will it work properly on my tv?

theres the issue of resolution difference between PAL and NTSC.

will the image be all screwed up??? reply


Yes it is a difference.Pal system works at 25 FPS and NTSC at about 29 FPS ( frame per second).On a pc you can use any software you want to make your dvd rom region free but for a standalone dvd player with only one system no can do.If you get a dvd from Europe and your dvd player works only NTSC you have to copy the dvd on your computer and convert it to NTSC.A lot of standalone dvd players play both PAl/NTSC and in Canada the price is not a fortune but if you want to work with your pc but is not cheap either to buy dvd-r’s.As you see is more a budget problem than a technical one.Here you have a link about Pal/Secam Ntsc.,ntsc.htm and here a Google link about region free stuff:
I use Any DVD for region free and protection bypass also DVD Idle Pro is a good one. reply


The answer 2 ur question is if U have a TV that R equipped with both system(PAL/NTSC)..then U can watch DVD from Europe n the rest of the world(xcept France, Russia & some Eastern Block Countries S they have SECAM TV system)Some retailers in Canada sell a very special converter that can change from NTSC 2 PAL. Chinese electronic outlets in Vancouver sell these converter. reply

thanks for the info reply



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