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Alright, so here’s the deal. My father creates his own DVDs and he has me rip them to the computer for further editing. Right now we use a cheap program called DVDtoMpeg, it takes forever to rip a movie though, usually around 6 hours for a 2 hour movie. I’m sure there are quicker ways to do this, but I’m not very good with converting files so I’d rather them be ripped straight to the computer in either an AVI or MPEG file type.

So, what would be the best program to buy? Which one is the quickest?


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I couldn’t even begin to list the tools to do this. It’s a HUGE field.
For DVD ripping I used to use SmartRipper then FlaskMPEG. It’s quite possible newer tools have become more popular (reading metadata, nandub seems the standard for long movie AVIs out there now), but you can always find other freeware.

Here’s two starter pages for you

On slow ripping: It could be the program itself, but there’s always other possibilities: if you’re on Windows 2000, be sure to enable DMA mode on the DVD Drive, and in some cases, getting an ASPI driver can also make things faster (if I remember right SmartRipper didn’t work well until I got an ASPI driver) reply


Thanks for the advise anonymous, I’ll go check out a couple things. reply

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