DVD player problem with DivX duration

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My old DivX player came to the end of its long life...=[

I purchased a new cheaper model =[ ...it was rubbish (very sticky & staggered playback) So I took it back & swapped it for a better one.

Everything has been great..! with the exception of some files not fully playing i.e. stopping after 1hr and 8min even though the duration is 1hr 23min.

It plays fine on a PC in VLC etc

Just wondering if it is something simple like DVD players can only take on board so much without seperate chapters.

Yours epicFail reply

do 700mb files with a duration of 2hr play fine
if this is the case then your file is probably bigger
than 1gb = so I think its a case of size as opposed
to duration of time.
only way around problem is to split file in two

hope this helps Yo reply



file is 1.23gb & 1hr 23min. 700mb 1hr 45min files play okay,
however to test your theory I just put in a 1.46gb file and
that played it’s 1hr 28min duration

may just stick to under a gig to be sure
cheers again reply


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