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I copied a DVD on my hard disk and have problems playing it.

The files in the DVD have .vob, .bup and .ifo extensions.

Besided Windows Media Player 9 and Real Player 10.5, I have InterVideo WinDVD7 on my system. When I play the vob fiels I hear the audio but there is no video. The audio is also quite wierd (it seems to be playing at faster than normal speed or is either jumping). I also tried using the VLC player but am facing the same problem.

Could anyone please suggest as to how to go about it solving this issue.

My OS is windows XP.

From the posts that I have been reading for the last 3-4 days on various websites I understand that i might have a 'rogue' codec on my system which is acting as the default player and preventing WinDVD and VLC from playing the file.

If that is the case any help regarding uninstalling codecs will also be greatly appreciated.

Nitin reply

dont play the VOB files

find the VIDEO_TS.IFo ( I think its called ) and play that one reply


What the heck? Why does DVD World USA get cpieos before the realease date? That should be illegal, lol. reply


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