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hi. i wonder if anyone can help. i have a dvd burner got it with my computer last november ish. and i had roxio free with it. i can copy dvds fine but sum dvds record speed go down to 1x and i cant copy them even though my dvds r 4x i can go down but not to 1x. how can i resolve this problem? and how do you copy real dvds that are copy protected? and how do u copy dvds to your hardrive? please help if you can. help will be much appreciated. thank you for anybody who helps me. love toni xxx reply

hi there,just go on google,you need to type in
dvd shrink,this will take you to download site.
download the program its completly free,no charge at all and dvd shrink is very easy to use.
you can copy origanal dvds or shrink dvd films so they will fit on a 4.7g dvd.you can even put more than one movie on 1 dvd with hardly any aquality loss.good luck.happy copying.... reply


thanx alot for ur help z. i really apreciate it. i have had dvd shrink on my computer before but i have never been able to get it to work i will try agen. if i can’t get it to work would u be able to help me with it? email me back love toni xxx :) reply


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