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I am trying to burn movies onto DVD disks that will be viewable on my standard DVD player. I can burn non video DVD’s fine, but every attempt to burn a video terminates with errors. Can someone suggest a combination of hardware, software and media that will work!! I have the following:

DVD RW burner: UltraSpeed 8X
Media: Memorex DVD +R RW
Software: Nero Burning ROM v6.3...
Roxio DVD Builder 1.1...
DVD Shrink 2.2...
Video Formats: VOP
NFO/r01, r02,...

P.S. I am not familiar with encoding or codec concepts, so please be kind and treat me like the moron that I am in this subject... If I have to become educated or learn a process, please provide a direction for me to begin the process.

BW reply

OK here’s what i do, I have chosen these programs out of the dozens available on the net and I’ve chosen these programs because of there simplicity of use and general results.

Burning/Ripping DVD video disks

Decrypt - http://www.dvddecrypter.com/

It’s dead easy to use and takes about 30 Min’s to rip a DVD. And when I mean dead easy to use I mean it

The I convert the .vob files to .avi

I use Auto GK - http://len0x.btothec.com/web3/

This takes a long time about 4 hours per disk (depending on what quality you want to convert the files at) but I feel that this is a small price to pay because the quality is so good and the program is so easy to use.

Then I convert the .avi file I created with Auto GK to a .vob file this is quick about 50 Min’s for a 1.5gig .avi file.

I choose to convert the .avi film to .vob simply because it takes an age to burn .avi files to DVD if you do this it takes about 50 minuets as apose to 2 or 3 hours.

Burning the DVD, I use Nero vision express no other reason really other than I use Nero for pretty much every thing else so it seemed logical, to me anyway but if anybody has any suggestions on a better DVD burner I’d be happy to take suggestions

I know that some of you will be thinking that he’s talking shite and “I know a better way of doing things”, please try to bare in mind I have written this post for beginners that are new to burning DVDs, like myself and out of all the programs I have used these are the best to if you cant be arsed to read the help and read me files.

You may also need to download the k-lite mega codec pack just type “k-lite mega codec” in google reply


I certainly appreciate your response. I now have more tools that I am not sure what to do with. Could you Pleeeeeeease describe what is meant by “rip” and why I need to do this.

I think I am learning that its not a simple copy/paste. But a process of copy, de-encrypt, convert, burn. Is this close? Help! What programs perform which steps in process?

I have several movies sitting on my hard drive (from downloading) and am still unclear on what needs to be done to get them on viewable DVD disk. The formats of the files are: VOB, r01-r55, bin/cue reply


I agree with your opinion about freeware DVDdecrypter and AutoGK. Easy for semi-noobies like me, fast, and DVD - to - 1 CD DivX quality is amazing on a 20” monitor. I just find the .org free stuff for DVD to DivX ripping to be excellent. And these two are all you need to do it. SIMPLE!




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