downloaded a bit torrent file,how do i play it?


hi.ive download championship manager.its a torrent file.when i open it up, it has a MSInfo Document, a BIN File and a CUE File.i had no idea what i was doin,but i burn the image 2 my hard drive using nero,and then burned the image to a disk using dvd decrypter.all i got was exactly the same a origional file.could somebody tell me how to do this? thanks.

Besides the advices you got from others guys read this,is about for the 1000 time cue and bin files and if you use search on this site you can find out by yourself avoiding sexual remarks from any smart ass like BD.Once you have cue and bin files keep it in the same folder and open Nero go to Burn image and choose the cue and is going to burn the bin.That’s it.


Let me put it this way..1 of all, burning a bin image file is a waste of time. 2condly, not all bin file is of good quality. 4 me I watched the fucking file with vlc.


Hi, to use the bittorrent file, you can download Bitcomet.
Simply go to any search engine like yahoo and search for Bitcomet, you will be able to download it!


Plz lockice. Look carefully what it say here...downloaded a bit torrent file,how do i play it?
This fool (ben12232144123) has DLed a bit torrent file, but he had no idea on how 2 play it. Bitcomet is not what he wants.


(doesnt aply to Labish)U little geeks insult a guy that dosent spent all days and w-ends at home learning every little thing about cpu’s like u do...lmao....and why whould take the the time to reply the guy just to make fun of him....i was here to find out the same thing.....think we are dumd ???......think u guys should get a life....Thanks for the answer Lab.


you must have DAEMON TOOLS...


ABC is the best torrent program there is. Lots of special options to set a fast download and upload!



hey! please answer what the thread starter was asking???

Feedback click the link....its the FAQ of bit torrent...


how do i watch a movie torrent


Sorry, but we can’t discuss this.


Have a nice stay

PS- Email me personally for instructions :). It is located on my user page. I use the Hotmail account.


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