download doesn't specify an extension. Thinks it's an .avi but won't play on windows media player

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i have just downloaded the --dont discuss illegal files-- dvd off mininova. It has downloaded as an .avi file but I have windows media player 11 and when i try and play it, its saying that windows media I have does not support the codec that is used to compress this file. all the files display as this:
Reba-1x01-the name of episode (Dvd) English
I dont know how to find out or tell what codec is sued to compress these files. I use ACE mega CoDecS pack and this doesnt seem to be helping.
Someone please help me with this as I dont want to waste what I have just downloaded.
If i have to download another program so i can view it, ill be happy with suggextions for some of these.
Thanks reply

Welcome to, holden babez!

To find out which codec it needs (and if the file is even valid) try GSpot:

The most common codecs in downloadable files are DivX:

And Xvid

And then AC3 for audio:

Having these 3 codecs enables you to view almost all files that you download. reply


Hello Bjarne Lundgren and thanks for your quick reply.
I have downloaded and run all of them links you have given me and with Gspot this is the result I got:
File Type: Unknown
Mime Type: Unknown
PLease tell me if there is anything else I can do or have I been given a dud file?
It does say its an .avi entenstion. This is what it says in the file/path spot in Gspot:
--moderated: dont discuss illegal files--
To me (who knows little about this sort of thing) would think that it’s an .avi extenstion, but when i run them through WinAVI 9.0 it says:
Cant decode this file! Maybe the file is broken or the realitive decoder is not installed!
Please explain all of this if possible as it means evry little to me when read.

Thanks and this is appreciated.
holden babez reply


When GSpot says:
File Type: Unknown
Mime Type: Unknown

and other programs also fail to open the file, all evidence points towards the file being fake, I’m afraid. reply


download a divx player. works on mpegs too...and it’s free reply

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