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Hey there...I hope someone out there can give me a hand with this.

I currently have a number of DVD converted DivX movie files on my hard drive. I’ve decrypted them using DVD Decrypt and flasked them with FLASK IT. As a result, I have decent quality DIVX copies (740x640).I’m happy so far...

Now I want to put those DIVX movies onto a blank DVD-R using my toshiba DVD-RW Drive. I’m using a standard DRAG n DROP CD-DVD software which came with the toshiba laptop.

So, After I write the files onto the blank dvd-r (which takes about an hour) for five movies (4gb) there is nothing on the dvd-r. The software indicates it is writing and the drive is certainly busy but no files show up once the job is done. I am unable to open anything since nothing is there.

What am I doing wrong?
your advice will be appreciated.
sousa reply

First of all, use Nero Burning ROM (www.ahead.de).
It’s THE best cd/dvd recording tool available.
Make sure you create an ISO DVD with default options until you get some experience and understand most of the settings.
Just drag and drop your files and you should be ready. reply


thanks for your help but the thing is I’ve saved the dvd files as IFO according to Flask Meg’s instructions.

How do I save a dvd file converted to DivX in ISO?

Can I convert a Divx file already saved to ISO?




Help me out a bit since I haven’t used Flask MPEG for ages (Gordian Knot - www.doom9.org rules btw).
You ripped some DVDs into AVIs and you burned them on a DVD as AVIs, right? That’s something I do all the time, since I have connected my PC on my TV.

Anyway, you want to convert an AVI back to MPEG2 (DVD) format so you can watch it on a desktop DVD player? If you do, then you can use TMPEGEnc or read a relevant guide from doom9.org.
If you just want to burn your DivX files (.avi) on your DVDR, just create a new ISO DVD compilation in Nero, drag and drop the files you want in it and burn the DVDR. reply


Thanks again for your help. I’ll check out doom9 and hopefully figure it out.

My goals are simply to convert the DVD to DivX and somehow directly burn them to DVD-R. (I do not want to go the extra step and convert them back to DVD because I’ll only watch these movies on a computer as you mentioned.
Is there another software other than FLASK Meg that can do this?



Auto Gordian Knot is an easy to use tool.


If you have more patience, I would suggest Gordian Knot from doom9.org which is the best tool for the job.

After that you can use any cd/dvd burning program to burn your files on DVDR. My suggestion is Nero (www.ahead.de). reply


Thanks again John75

I’ll get back to you in a few days to let you know if I figured it out or not. I’ll try using the Gordian Knot as you have suggested.


ssf reply



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no, is not avi, avi is media cetnainor, can encode with more record codec and audio codec, is an record codec, so your dvd player support , means it can play AVI record, but it can’t play additional avi movies.DVD player support is a excellent gathering, means it can play AVI record via USB disk or writeable disc, and it can play standard record DVD too. If you have any additional movies, want to play with this DVD player, there is an simple way, you can try RZ DVD Creator v4.12, it can make AVI Record/Standard record DVD from any movies. It can convert any videos to AVI record, or convert to standard record DVD. It can save the target videos on your USB disk, or directly burn to dvd disc. You can yahoo or google search and download RZ DVD Creator , work well on my computer, simple to use, excellent quality, most functionality, hope it can help you. reply


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