Daemon Tools and ISO issues

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k i downloaded the torrent rpg maker postility knights from mininova using uTorrent but the file its shown as is .rar with a uTorrent logo and i cant find the image i need to mount..is there something wrong wit my daemon tools because i kno iv played .rar files b4...help me ppl reply


hi so here we go

ive downloaded countless isos and other things from torrents and i keep gettin error in command line, can anyone help a dumb white man out? reply



Your problem isn’t mounting it’s unRARing the files.

Download Winrar http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm

and install it.

then find a .rar file &/or right click the first .rar file and select extract Here if you want to extract it to it’s current location or select OPEN and then choose it’s destination if you want to extract it to another directory.

Then, download Deamon Tools

Open Daemon Tools and right click the red icon in the bottom right portion of your Taskbar, select Drive and mount.

When asked which file, go to the location of the .img/.iso/.mdf/.mds/etc file and open it.

Now the disc image should load and if it has Autorun enabled you should see a menu appear, if not select the newly created drive and open the disc.

If you get an error it is either that one or more of the .rar files are not finished or corrupt, or the original image is corrupt. reply



What are you using to load the “Back-up”?

Daemon Tools
Alcohol (The Software)
Magic Iso

It is possible that you didn’t let the image finish before attempting to load it.

Do you have the error message copied, like by using printscreen (Button) or writing it down?

If you have more detailed information I’ll help with your back-up. reply


i have a problem to. its by running Gran Theft Auto San Andreas. heres what i have done.

1) i downloaded DAEMON tools Manager V4.10.

2) a symbol from DAEMON came up down at the starting line (i think its called(the line in the bottom of the screen)).

3) i right clicked the symbol an chose one of the drivers, then i selected the .ISO file that i had downloaded.

4) then the install wizard came up, and i installed it.

5) i tried to run it and it says: wrong disc inserted. please insert the CD/DVD.

what do i do? reply



I’d have to say this.

Since your “back-up” is already installed, open two windows for me.

1) Open the disc....
Simply right click the drive and select open.
Go to the only folder which sticks out so to speak.

2) Open the installation directory
Simply put, it’s where you installed the game.

Once that is done. I want you to copy a file which should be the only .exe in the folder which kind of stands out. I want you to paste the file into the installation directory which should have a file of the same name.

Start the new .exe and have fun! reply


hi everyone!

i’ve downloaded the game call of duty 4 modern warfare.
i got a .b6t-file, and some others...
i tried to mount it with daemon tools to an optical driver, but it couldn’t be read... so i converted the files to one .iso-file with 'ultraISO'.
I mounted it with daemon tools, and then was able to install it...
when i’d finally installed it, i wanted to play the singleplayer, and then appeared: please insert the correct CD/DVD...
i searched loads of forums (google) but i never really found an answer to my problem...
i’ve tried it with alcohol120%, i checked my iso file with isobuster but nothing worked...

can someone here please help me??

thx! reply


Hello everyone, i am having some trouble with damon tools. I just downloaded Rise of Nations gold using bit torrent, I went to run it with damon tools and i get this error “Error in comand line” I think i must have done somthing wrong. I am a pretty big noob wotj damon tools as well, The file is ISO type im pretty sure. Pls help thank you reply


i downloaded fable via torrent and i’ve read a lot of forums saying that i need to use isobuster, daemon tools, or alcohol 120%. i’ve downloaded isobuster and daemon tools, i tried following what it says in the “help” information, but it isn’t working for me. i think it would help if i knew the proper steps to using em =P if anyone can help me out with either isobuster or daemon tools i’d greatly appreciate it =) my email is sfrancisco@neo.tamu.edu reply


hey i need some help here. i download and unRAR the game need for speed prostreet, when i mounted the *.iso file on E:(by default). It says wrong disc inserted after I double clicked the drive. Whats wrong with it? reply


ok i am using daemon tools..but ihave a probram..

i installed the game CC gerenals and have the patch too now every time i mount cd 1 and play the game it keep telling me that put the correct cd. i did the same thing with file CD 2 same thing happened...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HELP ME reply


Please help!! I have downloaded an iso image (Assassins Creed)I have daemon tools and alcohol 120 I have mounted the image and installed the game but all that shows up is please insert the cd-rom into disk drive. Its driving me mad any Help? reply

Please help!! I have downloaded an iso image (Assassins Creed)I have daemon tools and alcohol 120 I have mounted the image and installed the game but all that shows up is please insert the cd-rom into disk drive. Its driving me mad any Help? reply

Please help!! I have downloaded an iso image (Assassins Creed)I have daemon tools and alcohol 120 I have mounted the image and installed the game but all that shows up is please insert the cd-rom into disk drive. Its driving me mad any Help? reply

need help..i installed d university expansion pack and i mounted d mds and mdf files to a virtual cd/dvd-rom but everytime i try to open d game it says windows encountered an error or it would ask for d correct cd.i’ve installed d sims2 and thers no problem in cracking and playing it.i really wanna install the expansions but find it hard...hope some angel could help me :) thanks!!! reply


anyone please explain wat an ISO file is?anyway its not related to d prob i posted but i always encounter it wen i search for mds/mdf files and daemon tools :-) and please anyone help me iv been searchin and searchin the net for like 8 hours already and cant find d solution to my prob :( maybe i missed a step for my game not to work properly but i followed all d installation and mounting image instructions...i just want my expansion to work for my sims 2 :( reply


Hello, i need some help here.. Ive downloaded jedi academy, converted into iso. With deamon tools i start to installing, it says by 47% disc 2. How do i put disk 2 ?
i have disk 2, iknow
but how to ?

Greets Pablo reply


which player can open MKV files yar!!!!! reply


vivekvr34 wrote:
which player can open MKV files yar!!!!!

VLC Media Player. It plays almost everything, and its good to have because there seem to be a lot more .mkv and other file-types for HD video lately reply


I got Warcraft 3 on bit torrent and want to mount on Daemon tools,How do i do that please help?!!? reply


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