Daemon Tools and ISO issues

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I am pulling my hair out trying to run a downloaded .iso file with Daemon Tools. Here in very specific detail are the steps I have taken so far:

1) I have dl’ed a file entitled WARcraft 3 - Reign of Chaos.iso and placed it in a file of its own.

2) I have dl’ed and installed DAEMON Tools v.3.47.0 and placed it in a file of its own.

3) Daemon Tools automatically created a new drive and labeled it “E”

4) I right-clicked on the icon and highlighted mount an image to drive “E”, then I navigated to the aforementioned .iso file and selected it.

5) I watched in abject disappointment as DAEMON Tools displayed the briefest of messages stating “Please Wait” and then did absolutely nothing. After 15 minutes of waiting, I gave up on the idea of it ever doing the requested task, or anything else for that matter.

So, my question is this: What have I missed? I have heard loads of people say that DAEMON Tools is a slick and easy program, but I can’t seem to get it to work. Please help as I am kind of a noob, but am eager to learn!

Thanks!! reply

Also, I should mention that when I go to the E drive and double click on it to activate the .iso, it gives me the error message: “Windows cannot read from this disk. the disk may be corrupted or it may be in a format that is incompatible with Windows." Any ideas? reply


Could be problems with the Daemon tools or ISO too.
To check the ISO and see if its having problems use isobuster.

Link to IsoBuster

Make sure you open image file. You should also try Alcohol 120 reply


Thanks for the prompt reply. I downloaded both ISObuster and Alcohol 120. I tried extracting the ISO with ISO buster and it ended up making a .bin file that was slightly larger than the original and also would not open.

I then tried using the virtual drive function of Alcohol 120, but ended up with the same results. In addition, I tried using Alcohol with another .iso file I downloaded and ended up with no results as well. I am quite perplexed.

I’m almost positive I’m doing something wrong, but I have no idea what. Either that, or I’m having terrible luck with these files. Any further ideas? Thanks again! reply


You still got the link from where you downloaded from. Can give a better idea of what file you have actually downloaded.
I dont think you have done anything wrong with daemon tools but problem most probably the file, its not to say its unusable but how to use it. reply


Yes that would help a lot. And when you load it with ISOBUSTER what happens? Does it come up with any files/folders? Also did you extract it from a rar/zip? reply


I’m afraid I don’t have the link from which the file was downloaded, as I obtained it through eDonkey2000 p2p app. ISO buster simply shows “Track 1” and has it clocking in at 683 MB or so. When I try to load it, nothing happens; it doesn’t show any files or folders whatsoever. The file was actually in .iso form when I downloaded it, so I haven’t extracted it from rar/zip (at least, not that I know of: I’m familiar with zip files, but not rars). Hopefully, that’s the information you were looking for. Thanks again for all the help. reply


the file is fake or corrupt people on ptp do that alot to pull pranks on people and waste there time and bandwith. nothings wrong with d tools, its a bad file it’s happen to me alot on ptp. try bit torrent next time and check for comments on the file reply


after 10 min on google i found that some bin files have been divided up into smaller files to fit on servers and other things. these files look like (filename-1.bin) (filename-2.bin)(filename-3.bin)and come with an exe of the same name to combine them to there orginal size. but i could not find the name of the app that can do that. so i help you you help me plz. anyone know that apps name? reply


Hi Fellas I hope you can help me I got a little problem with the Daemon Tools i think. You see i downloaded the game vice city by a torrent, then I used the daemon tool to instal it, later when I wanted to play the game I put the Image VICE_CITY_PLAY.ISO and then a message apeared it said “the inserted disk is not correct. Insert Vice City Play disk please” and i install the game and i can´t play. I´ll apreciate any help u can give me. reply


you might not have all of the files required to run your game to run a game with Daemon tools you need two types of files MDF(very large file) and MDS(Very small usually about 1 or 2 Kilobytes) reply


dude i had that problem but then i found a crack and now i dont need the iso so fins a crack and voila ur done reply


i downloaded it by torrent but i decompressed the .iso files and now it wont do anything, i burned all the decompressed files into a dvd and it will install the game but it wont play it, i need to know what are the files inside the Vice_City_Play.iso so i can make a new iso file to burn it to a cd reply


I dl’ed Monkey Island 3 from bittorrent, and DAEMON tools to poen it with, but anyway I don’t know what “Mount” means in pc language. I tried opening the BIN-files and the Image files with DAEMON, but the it said that there is an error in the command line. I was thinking of dl’ing alcohol 120 to burn the files, or could I use Nero 7 pro? anyways, help is appreciated! reply


Kaěkokia nesamone reply


hiya fellas dont know if ya can help but i downloaded monopoly3.iso from a bit torrent site it worked fine with daemon tools but then i tried playing online with gamespy and now it wont work at all just keeps asking me to insert disc any ideas reply


easy question... WARcraft 3 is portected.. CD ... you can’t copy it that’s why...

it only works for installing... NOT PLAYING.....if you like the game you should buy it... !!

DAEMON tools + Nero + Alcohol120 + Game X copy= forget it !

i have all these software... still not work...

Buy it= 100% fun for online.... reply


ok cheers anyhoo reply


I assume that you are talking about backups? Please do not refrain from the talk of backups :) reply

When I want to install removed Daemon tools 3.47.0 there is shoiwing a message “WARNING: This computer program is protected by copyright and international treaties. Unauthourized duplication or distribucion of this program,or any portion of it, may result in severe civil or criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law” and in the end it is writting “some driver has invalid name or conflicts with other file or service in system. Please choose other driver names or make sure you have rebooted after removal of sofware usinfg same names” What can I do... I quickly nessesery this program... PLLLLLLEEEEAAAAAASSSSEEEE help me... My mail is Laurytia_hey_boy@one.lt reply


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