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Greetings. Sorry if I am in the wrong forum. Looking for any help or direction to fix corrupted AVI and MTS files. I recently cut/pasted about 700 GB of AVI and MTS home videos from my backup server to a drive on my local PC. Very important videos, years of my children. I did this because I was rebuilding my backup server.

After the server rebuild, I then went to put my home videos back to the backup server only to find out the drive went. For a while I could see all my AVI and MTS files, but when I tried to play with any media player the PC hung up. After a few minutes, the drive just goes offline. This will cost several thousand to try to recover with no guarantees.

So I went back to the server drives where the initial cut/paste was done. I used GetDataBack from RuntimeSoftware to recover the files. However, most all come up as unable to play or corrupted when I try to play. When I open the folder with the recovered videos, I can see the file name, last change date, and the size... however, on the files that will not play, the column called “length” is empty. I then add more columns to the folder view such as bit depth, and noticed that bit depth is also blank on the files that will not play.

So clearly the file attributes/properties have an issue, yet the files size is the correct size.

Sorry for the long post, but does anyone have anything they can offer regarding my issue? I realize the files could be corrupted beyond repair, but my hope is that perhaps there was some software that could process and correct.

Thanks reply

first run a hardware diag program like hitachi drive fitness (ibm or hitachi), seagate seatools (seagate/maxtor), or western digital data lifeguard (western digital)
if it fails the test, don’t try anything. it’s a hardware error and only data recovery companies have the stuff to salvage that. trying anything in software may make things worse and possibly destroy future chances of recovery.

if it passes, try testdisk
if nothing comes out of it, try photorec

if all else fails, send to data recovery company. reply


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