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Have a new Kodak camera with video function. Unable to use the Quick Time (mov) clip in WMM. Downloaded radtools which converted the clip however plays OK in Windows Media player but in
WMM video and audio do not play corretly. Any suggestions to the problem would be appreciated. reply

Try to use VideoCharge for convert mov files, may be your convert tools is wrong... reply


WMM supports AVI and WMV video formats, so you can’t import mov files to WMM.

You can view the article named how to edit your DV/DC video using Windows Movie Maker reply


RAD Video Tools is great because it’s freeware, easy to use, and can convert MOV to AVI; but it’s been known to have occasional glitches converting audio. When you pick your codec/compression settings when converting to AVI, try switching codecs for audio, or use uncompressed PCM audio.
If that still doesn’t work, you can try ffmpeg (you can find a download for a Windows binary here). It’s command-line and a bit rough to use (as you can see from the documentation), but it’s really a swiss army knife of video conversion.
If all else fails I don’t know what to suggest besides commercial products (QuickTime Pro for example).

vikily.wl wrote:
WMM supports AVI and WMV video formats, so you can’t import mov files to WMM.

You can in *some* cases directly import mov files into WMM. If the QuickTime file uses a cross-platform codec (meaning the codec can be in either MOV or AVI - like Indeo or Cinepak), WMM may open the file just fine (not in Vista though - XP only - Microsoft dropped support for MOV files (with cross-platform codecs) altogether in Vista)
The other way is to use QuickTime Alternative. It has a DirectShow filter that allows QuickTime files to be played in WMP and be imported in WMM. However, the program does have a few bugs and doesn’t work 100% of the time (but it’s quite good when it does). reply


I also forgot to mention. You could also try to convert to MPEG-1 instead of AVI as your intermediate conversion.
You’ll need TMPGEnc free version (after you pick your language, the download button is at the top of the page), and the QuickTime plugin for TMPGEnc in the TMPGEnc folder. reply


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So, let me get this straight... If I download this, it converts it and thats it? Then it will work in WMM? reply


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