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I’m trying to compare some specific codecs included in pinnacle studio 7 to determine if there is any difference or reason to use one over another when rendering AVI files. Can anyone tell me about these, or refer me to a comparison article, or give me general advice about avi codecs and rendering?
-Cinepak by Radius
-DV video encoder
-Indeo video 5.10
-Intel Indeo video R3.2
-Pinnacle DCxx MJPEG compressor
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Some of the codecs you mention are last-generation codecs (some are even older than that! notably cinepak and indeo 3!) used to have good studies and comparisons on these, but it’s gone now, but the site is still mirrored at various locations on the net. It was one of the nicest studies i’d seen, but note that it’s really old (1998) and some statements are outdated (for example indeo 5 not being available for the mac)
Happy reading!

Here’s another codec comparison page

And here’s a comparison page on “ultra-modern” (as of 2004) codecs,1558,1544886,00.asp reply


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