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Does every one know that microsoft in it’s latest act of dumbness, has decided to stop providing the codecs for other than their own formats? Now if you want to download needed codec for other than their formats you have to buy them from Indeo. 15 bucks a pop. So if you have the old version of xp you’re fine but service pack one is the kicker. It says it will play most formats, but that’s an outright lie. I can’t play back my webcam recordings or even inport them to be converted. Windoze stinks. reply

I just bought a GAME (£25) Which refuses to play and of the video’s and refuses to play without them. After spending money I ain’t spending Another $15 just to watch 10 seconds of video !

This is an outrage

Discruntald XP user reply


my windows media player doesnt work for videos and it say that i need some codec? does anyone know where i can get some codec or what kind i need? i need this as soon as possible! thank you very much to thoughs of you that can help me!:) reply


Yeah, codec compatibilities and all the different ones can be such a hassle. I normally watch out for that by doing this: I like DivX the best, so I download the divx codec at and I make sure any movies I download use that codec. It will most likely say that on the filename. By the way, don’t pay for movies. You can download them free (not legally)on emule. go to and use it! reply

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