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what happens if the setup can’t install the uninstaller and r1clean can’t find uninstaller? reply


thanx man. it really works. ;) reply


Judge, your method would APPEAR to work however it doesn’t. Files are still there - I think it’s another trick by Real. In fact I think Judge works for Real. r1pclean.exe seems to do nothing except tell you it’s uninstalled RealPlayer which is an absolute lie. I wouldn’t be surprised if Real knew about this and included it to fool the computer-unsavvy. DO NOT INSTALL REALPLAYER! reply


still can’t del it,i use the chinese xp, i just del the r1clean, but still can’t remove the realplayer reply


I have had the exact same problem as others in this forum, and it started PRECISELY when I installed the K-Lite Codec pack. In fact, that is where the r1pclean.exe shortcut (not executable) led me.

It comes as no surprise that this discussion is happening on this website...

Real may make it difficult or impossible to uninstall everything, but K-Lite is at fault for this problem! Does anyone know what their thinking is, or how to undo the problem completely? reply


im having troubles uninstalling real too
iv tried that r1 file that JUDGES said to use but like some of you the files are still there

im running on XP reply


Hey, I found a way to get the realplayer off the add/remove list. you go to your Program Files---Common Files and delete the real folder. Then go to add/remove, click remove. reply


Still doesnt work reply


ok heres what I did. i went to start-search-All files and Folders-Real

i deleted every file that was part of realone player. Then i went to control panel i click remove on realone, then a pop said “an error occured about the program in the add/remove list (something like that), I just click yes. Then it was gone. reply


I agree with Eliyahou. The very same happened to me after I installed K-Lite Codec pack. Now I cannot start my real player after i installed K-lite Pack. And if u go to the RealPlayer (in Program Files)folder & click on the realplayer.exe “mediaplayer calssic” starts. Now I cannot install the realplayer also(Setup hangs at 100%)

And the link given at the second post:
is also not working reply


thnak you, tried Judge’s method, it seemed to have removed the RealPlayer but yes, it is listed in Add/Remove Software and when I try to remove it I get a message “uninstall file missing”. I also now cannot get internet radio files to play, neither can I install Real Player again because - while all other downloads work - when I try to download Real Player I get a message that my security setting are such that the file cannot download! Even if I switch off all security I get the same message. Please help! Something is very fishy here, I really hate Real but why cannot I use something else to play audio from the Internet? A-aaah, help! reply


Thx judge~ it really works! reply


Try the following steps:

Go to c:programfiles/real/realplayer/setup/r1pcean.exe
this will uninstall realplayer but all the components are still on your computer.

step 2: delete all the realplayer stuff that you see on your destop and go to c: drive to look for real player’s folder and delete-real might be in your common search also so delete it too.

step 3: go to start/setting/add/remove and uninstall realplayer from you add/remove list

this should solve your installation of realplayer

For those of you who have problem starting realplayer just follow the steps above to uninstall it and go to real websiste to reinstall the application. reply


i tried the method by Trythis but it still can’t work! reply


Norton windoctor solves al the problems after (like judge say)uninstall realplayer some shit stay behind windoctor fixes and remove all.if you run windoc. you find 182 problems.

Thanks a lot judge for info ;)
greetz from Belguim :) reply


Judge, you are a genius. :)

Uninstall worked but there are some files like the browser plugins (dlls) keep sitting in there and I get a feeling that I can easily delete them without any damage but I’m not worried about that but the thing is that I am deprieved of all the online streaming music. :( Is there any stable version of realplayer that is available, doesn’t install that spyware and still plays the streaming music without any problems? Anyone.. anyone.. anyone.. ?? :)

~~Keep it flowing..~~ reply


Problem solved (thanks to Real people’s eagerness to place their software everywhere two hours got waisted!)

realoneED.exe did not help in my case. However, for those who might want to try that solution, here’s a URL for downloading the file:

I think I’ve traced the problem for my WinXP SP2. RealPlayer detects ACE Megapack, stores dlls etc in ACE’s Directory as well - overwriting Real alternatives, obviously! - and got stuck.

So, uninstall ACE, then remove, or reinstall and remove Real. It worked fine for me, at least. Wondering whether other users experiencing troubles had ACE Megapack or K-Lite on the PC before installing REAL.

PS: ACE > Real folder: there’s where the uninstall file of Real is located. In my case, though, did not found the proper uninstallation file it’s poiting at and did not run anything at all.

Cheers from Strasbourg,
Alex reply


Judge is the man it worked for me too! thanks alot. reply


I am not able to open realplayer10 version.When I went to control panel (ADD / REMOVE PROGRAMS) to uninstall this the following message appeared :“UNINSTALLER COMPONENT MISSING”. reply


Alexander from Strasbourg, you are a legend!

I just recently finished re-installing windows and was getting quite bleak that my fresh install had been tarnished, but you have taken all my problems away!
Thanks alot!

PS: I’m an Alexander from Cape Town, South Africa by the way. reply


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