Can't get video or audio....

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Iíve downloaded several episodes of the old British TV show. However, none of the episodes Iíve downloaded play video or audio.

I first thought that I might have the incorrect codec or I needed one ó so I downloaded G-spot to test one of the files. G-spot indicates that the file is ďNot a valid AVI file." In the video codec information the 4CC displays n.a. Iíve attempted to render the file and rendering fails. I also downloaded VideoInspector and I canít find out anything about any of the .avi files Iíve downloaded.

I have downloaded FFDSHOW and installed it - and this is going to sound ignorant - but I am not sure what FFDSHOW is suppose to do so I removed it.

I used AVIPreview and got the following error: 0x8004022F --

I need some help please.... reply

gspot is pretty good at detecting an avi when it sees one. I suspect your file may be a fake. You can do one last quick check using a a hex editor like If it’s an avi, at the start of the right column you should see RIFF AVI LIST. If you see nothing but zeroes it’s definitely a fake! It could be another file type... for example PK indicates a zip, MZ an .exe, JFIF a jpeg etc... reply


There is a criictal shortage of informative articles like this. reply


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