Cannot Render MPEG2 Demux Filter

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I have a kworld digital usb dongle the 355u model and i am running windows on an RM cy25 laptop but i cannot get the software that comes with the adapter to work. I have downloaded the latest drivers and software but i am still unable to get this to work, i have tried it on another pc with the exact same operating system and it works perfectly first time.

When i installed the adapter on the alternate computer it missed installing a codec driver in the device manager, and when installed on the laptop that codec was not recognised or installed i believe this maybe the problem i have read numerous postings on various sites which suggest upgrading drivers and software and registering .ax files in the system32 directory but none of this has worked.

Any help would be much appreciated as i have tried most avenue’s and i am getting nowhere.

Brad reply

Can you mention what operating system you’re using?
Is it Windows XP or Vista? And is it a 32-bit or 64-bit version?
is where the latest drivers are posted.

Can you check if the device is actually installed? To do so go to device manager (go to start menu, run, then type devmgmt.msc then press enter). If it’s not installed you’ll usually get a yellow exclamation mark or something listed under 'other devices'.

One alternative way I was thinking was if you have the device installed, you can check if it’s their program that’s faulty. You could run something generic like VIDCAP32 to see if you can receive data from the video capture source, but the trouble is you wouldn’t be able to change channels. reply


I have windows xp service pack 2 and also a seperate install of windows xp with no service pack, i have tried the normal driver from the cd and also the updated driver and software from the website on both installations and neither worked.

I can see the device installed in the device manager but when i install it on another pc you can see this installed and also another codec device that installs along with it in the sound video and games controller section. I believe that this maybe the problem as to why it wont stream any data to the video capture device.

I have tried the vidcap software which can not recognise any capture device.

I am unsure where to go from here.

I have tried other versions on the digital adaptor in the past and have come up with the same problem, it may be an issue with the chipset of my laptop.

Any ideas?

Brad reply


If using Microsoft MediaCenter, take a look at reply


cannot render audio capture error reply


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