Cannot play avi files of the same movie...

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I’ve downloaded a movie which contains 5 chapters of avi extensions and am only able to play the first chapter. I cannot play the remaining chapters with the same avi files.
Please help.
Do I need to download a particular codec to play the whole lot together?

Liurai reply

What do you mean “5 chapters of avi extensions”?
Do you mean you have 5 files with extension avi? Or do you mean your avi has 5 chapters in it?
If you have multiple files, are they all of extension avi? Or are they something else, like avi.001 avi.002 etc... If the latter, you may need to rejoin them using hjsplit or something. if they’re all of extension avi but only the first plays, use gspot (google it) to analyze the other files. maybe they’re fakes.
as for a single avi with chapters... it’s probably not an avi, because the avi container doesn’t support chapters. maybe it’s a renamed mkv or .divx file (files with extension divx files are extensions from normal avi files with extra support for things like chapters). for mkv use media player classic or vlc or divx player 7. for divx, use divx player 7 or vlc. reply


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