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PLS PLS HELP, my WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER was all good.........playing all my files, then all of a sudden: “Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file”. (error code C00D1199)! so what the FUCK.......has the files been changed or somthing??? ANY IDEAS PLS HELP!!!!! reply


08 Apr 2005 09:50 pmPosted by Zelda Cool (Guest)

What he posted Zelda cool woRks for me ThanxsZZZ
I whas going crazy Up inHere ...........

THaxs Zelda CoooooooooooooooLiooooooooooo reply


I need help dowloading this codec reply


Please, i can`´t see any movie,because need the code COOD1199. Where can i find it? reply


Div5.2.1. is the thing,well done. reply


how do u download the codec version tracker that zelda was talking about theres like 5 different ones and its nearly inposible to install any . reply


I have a video with has an error of “C00D1199: Cannot play the file” I have no idea which codes it requires because I have already installed DiVX & K-Lite and none of them doesn’t support this king of video!! Please help if you know how to insure this. reply


i am trying to play VCD and i got the folowing error
c00d1199 cannot play the file.
please help me in this mater.

anwar reply


plz i need help with this codec C00D1199. I need to know how to fix this or what i have to do to help the video work. plz message me back. reply


Hi again everyone.

This time I have a Code Pack that will update all your players for yall here.
It’s call “Combined-Community-Codec-Pack-2005-06-19.exe”.
The Main site is down where you can Download it from, so here’s a backdoor link: http://winterbird.no-ip.org/files/

I’ll try to check back later. See ya. (: reply


Hello I’m french ! and I have a bad new for you !
This error (cood119) is impossible to resolve. It signifie that you have download a “fake” file.
This is a file witch is corupt !
The only solution is to download a new version of this file !
SORRY !!!!!!!!!!!!! reply


Dum Dumm Dummm...!!! (: reply


hey huh on which site were you able to download this DivX521??? i’ve been looking for it everywhere and im nearly giving up... so help :) reply


Ok, I back again. This first link is for “Zein” This is where you can get the “DivX Video Bundle” your looking for. All you have to do is Choose from one of the Five site you want the download to come from.
Here: http://www.tucows.com/get/378025_146388

IQuest Internet, LLCIndianapolis, IN
Quantum Connections, LLCBenton Harbor, MI
Power-Net Mac ArchivePortland, MI
Amorphous SystemsSt. Louis, MO
Fidelity Networks, Inc.Sullivan, MO

And the next link is for the “Codec Pack” I talk about befor.
Here: http://zhentarim.net/zx-pp.php

Remeber, If your player still play what you are trying to watch, Your just going to have to find another player that will. Like the “VLC Player” It has not let me down yet. (:

Here’s the VLC Player:
http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/win/27193 reply


as you know a problem never comes alone... DivX521.sit... now its asking me something... huh... the program which created it... damn wat the hell??? can you help me here again? :) reply


The VLC media player actually does the trick. Many thanks Zelda Cool :-) reply


Yes, Thank you!! That’s what I been waiting to here someone eles say. Forget about them other players and just the VLC player to watch the hard ones that need them Crazy Codes. q:

Here’s the VLC Player:

Ok, See ya. (:

My Home Page:
http://spaces.msn.com/members/ZeldaCoolWho reply


I have that VLC player and it doesn’t work for me. ARGH, this is so annoying reply



download vp6-decoder and it will run in window media player

the link is on top

i tried it and it works reply


This is a topic that seems to be extremely hard to fix. Usually when someone runs into this error they have either downloaded a program that has files incompatible with the player, or they are missing a codec, or they have accidentally deleted or altered something crucial in the registry.

I’m no computer expert, but here are some solutions that may or may not help. Hopefully they help. Remember that you can pick and choose which solution to take since not all of them will be necessary or even work.

1. Try a system restore. Choose a time before you began to experience these problems.

2. Get rid of any existing codec packs that were manually downloaded. This means using the uninstaller as well as going through the registry and deleting any other existence of the pack. To do this, go to the windows folder, find the regedit icon, double click, then at the top choose windows, then choose find, then type the name of the codec pack or codec that was manually installed, press enter and then delete. In order to actually clear all of it up, continue to search through by pressing the F3 key after each deletion.

*** Make sure that you pay attention to what you are deleting***

3. After the registry is clear, go to this site http://www.kickassanime.org/wiki/index.php?title=Compack#Current_Pack_.28aka_Get_it_Here.21.29 and download the community codec pack. It is minimal and contains about 99% of codecs that you will actually use. A lot of codec packs out there contain too many codecs which usually results in conflicting filters. It also doesn’t hurt to download the CCCP Insurgent in order to detect any other existing packs on your system. K-Lite is a good pack, but only if you actually know which codecs are really needed. DO NOT listen to others that tell you that it will not hurt to download too many codecs. Like I said before, certain codecs can sometimes conflict with eachother and make playback impossible. Here’s another good source in order to learn about codecs: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/mp10/codecs.aspx

4. Try reinstalling the WMP

5. Try uninstalling any software that was installed around the time that the WMP problem began to occur. Sometimes softwares install files that conflict with files in windows. Do a registry check that is similar to the one in step 1 as well.

6. If none of these work, and you really do not feel like reinstalling windows in order to retain all of your programs and files then try this method. It will keep all setting in order. Take your XP cd. Put it in the cd drive. A screen will appear giving you options of what to do with the windows installation. Exit out of it. Then go to the start menu, run, type in sfc /scannow (or copy and paste), enter. This will do a system check and reinstall any missing dll files and restore many of the registry files missing that could be contributing to the problem. A failed message may appear. If it does, simply hit retry. This could actually occur anywhere between 2-4 times before the system scan actually finishes. But don’t worry, this just means that certain files being scanned are in use and the program needs to pause.

7. Try to do a system repair through the XP disk. You will have to restart windows and press the F12 button as soon as the computer company logo pops up. If you are too late, windows will boot as normal. I remedy this by constantly pushing the F12 key as soon as the computer turns back on. Pick boot from CD and some options whether you would like to repair windows should come up. Just follow the directions from there.

8. Create a new partition. Since the problem can usually be solved before taking this route then I will not go into detail here. If you need help on how to do this without losing files and cannot find a source, then just ask me and I’ll be glad to.

9. And when all else fails, then most of us have to fall back on installing a fresh new copy of windows. This is used only in extreme cases since most of your data and files will be lost.

Whew! That was a mouthful. Hope this helps some people. reply


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