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I have a sony viao and I want to burn some movies I downloaded from the web onto CD. Do Ineed to install any codics? Will I be able to play the DVD’s on a regular DVD player? Where can I get instructions for this? If I wownload movies from a share site like sharereactor do I need to download codic’s? When I click on the movie or file nothing happens. I’d rather ask some dumb questions rather than do something stupid. Help, Help. One more thing how do I use share reactor? reply

Sharereactor has been shut down, sadly. You could try sharethefiles.org instead.

A little info about your average commercial DVD:
- The files on them are in the form of VOB (Video OBject). This is a container format for DVD and usually contains MPEG2 format VIDEO and Dolby Digital (AC3) 5.1 (or 6ch) format AUDIO.

Regular DVD players play DVD/VCD/SVCD, with DVD and SVCD being MPEG2 based, while VCD is MPEG1 based. MPEG1 normally being less quality than MPEG2, picture-wise.

If you download a file which is an AVI, it’s likely to be MPEG4 based (DivX and XviD are both MPEG4 based). Regular DVD players will not play MPEG4.

To find out exactly what you need to play a certain file, try using GSpot. It’ll help identify what the file(s) were encoded/created with:


To view certain files on PC, you may need a codec or filter. There are some media players, that can do stuff all by themselves also.

A good place to get an XviD Video codec is:


A DirectShow Decoding filter, that will decode DivX or XviD is FFDShow:


Note that FFDShow can safely be installed at the same time as you’ve a suitable codec installed also. I prefer to use FFDShow only for playing DivX. Somtimes I use it for XviD. You can configure it/should configure it, the way that works best for you.

You will probably come across a file that has AC3 Audio. A suitable AC3 decoding filter is needed for this. Here is one:


Note that FFDShow can also playback AC3 audio. I don’t use it for that though.

Now, there are a handful of special media players that can be used to playback many different formats. They are:

VLC (VideoLAN Client) - www.videolan.org

VLC is what I use sometimes. It is totally self-contained.

VLC has the ability to playback most DivX and XviD-MPEG4 and it also plays MPEG2/MPEG1 etc, etc. This is all done through DirecShow Decoding and the libavcodec. Basically it uses builtin filters for playback.

Other media players with similar abilities to VLC are listed on this page (all based on the FFMPEG project):


Here are two of the major sites, which offer help on the subject of encoding/video editing/video and audio conversion etc, are:

www.doom9.net reply


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