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I have tried everything to get certain .avi-files to open. I’ve used the tweaks (concerning avi freezes, crashes etc.) discussed in these forums, but I still have a problem. Gspot tells me my avi-file is correct and I have the codecs to play it, but when I try to play it, it just shuts down the movieplayer (WMP versions 9 and 10 and even DivXPlayer). So is my avi-file somehow corrupt or is it just the fact that some avi-files are not working? reply

The best way to diagnose in your case would be to open your file with virtualdub with extended options. Start VirtualDub, then click 'file', and choose 'open video file'. Before you pick your video file, click the box at the bottom that says 'ask for extended options after this dialog'. Next you get a menu. Check 'rederive key-frame flags' and 'open in avifile compatibility mode'. This will basically scan the file for corruption or bad frames, and may take a while if you have a very large file. reply


Actually I discovered (by accident) that it was the old Xvid-codec that I had in my machine, which caused the crashes and freezes. I installed the latest codec from Xvid and lo behold, everything works...Now all I have to do is get my registry back to normal as I completely obliterated it in search of answers to my problem...So everyone with crashing or freezing problems with WMP, CHECK YOUR CODECS!
;D reply


i have a selection a avi’s that i downloaded. They all ran fine until i download another one, now they won’t run. it says that it can’t render them. reply


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