AVI files play ok but other video formats play with wrong colors

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yep, same story here, using VLC player everything works perfectly, using haali media splitter to play some certain .AVI files that are actually matroska media containers, this took me a while to figure out because i assumed that an a file with .AVI at the end would be an AVI container, it isn’t and vlc is soooo clever that it knew anyway but windows media struggled badly... after a long and labored browse for a program that would work in windows that could identify the type of container a file is using i discovered there isn’t one and remembered that i installed cccp (codec pack) without matroska because i don’t (didn’t) have any mkv files on my puter... now i have haali media splitter as well as cccp and ffdshow, the red, green, blue, and shades on my splitter don’t match up now but VLC seems to have no trouble at all, i’m going to attempt to rename my files but im not even certain that the container is mkv, it could be ogg or even mpeg4 but because the file is named .AVI wmp11 is helpless to do anything about it because (the container describes to the player how to implement and syncronize the codecs used) if wmp11 is trying to use the right codec in the wrong container because of the file name (and your configuration) problems will ensue, grossly out of sync audio, out of sync color or not playing at all...

but vlc still plays this file with no problems at all... reply


yep renamed the files to suit extensions, .mkv & .ogg worked same as .avi, no file extension only played the first few frams and very badly, .mp4 crashed media player... progress, however its definately a container codec problem, still havent found a way to identify the type of container or “wrapper” as some call it of a specific file, i’ll get back if i work something out. reply


I had the same problem. Went back a version of Windows media player from 11 to 10 and all works well. reply


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