.avi file does not play and is not recognized as .avi file

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I came across your blog while trying to figure out how to salvage a video file containing a home video I’d much like to recover.

I am a mac person and my late mom was on a PC. She died of cancer at age 62 followed by my pitbull 10 weeks later. A year after that someone broke into my house and stole all my electronics including my late moms laptop(dell) that had not been backed up or used since her death. I remembered she had a dropbox account and I pulled files from it. The video is my mom and pitbull mama so if possible I would like to salvage.

The file is 3.45GB and lists as a .avi file. I tried VLC as well as Handbrake. VLC only gives me the file name and location... no metadata or codec details. Handbrake says it’s not a valid file format. Something else told me it was not an .avi file.

I’m feeling like I’m S.O.L. right? This is probably something I would have to do on a PC and not a MAC, if there is anything I can do? I apologize if I have given you NO information to advise me of next steps but any information would be appreciated.


Paul reply

Not sure why VLC cannot play your avi files, but I know a possible way to make that work. You can transcode avi files to MP4 or MKV and play in VLC. reply


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