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ok i need help, i got this dvd editing program, Sonic DVDit! v2.5 PE, and everytime i try to burn it gives me this error [Build failed: Unknown error (DVDErr, -502)], it gives me this error when its transcoding the video file im trying to create so i looked up the help topics and found the topic preparing files for dvdit and this is what it said.
Preparing files for DVDit!
Video and audio
You can create video files from a wide variety of sources, including video captured from analog video tapes and cameras, digital video cameras, video editing applications, and even some graphics applications. These sources let you save files in various formats, including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVI, and QuickTime.

DVDit! also supports WAVE, MPEG-1 Layer II, and Dolby Digital audio files.

See below for the recommended sizes for video, images, and buttons.

In most AVI and QuickTime files (and some WAVE audio files), the video and/or audio are compressed to save space. To use a compressed file, you must have the appropriate codec (coder/decoder software) installed on your PC. Video and audio files produced by different applications require different codecs; if DVDit! cannot create thumbnails, or play the files, or build a DVD from a project containing AVI or QuickTime files, you probably do not have the correct codecs for the files you are using.

To see if you can use a particular file, try to play the file using Windows Media Player (for AVI files) or QuickTime Player (for QuickTime files). If the file plays successfully, you can use the file in DVDit! If not, you must find out which application was used to create the file and install the appropriate codec.
and these r the avi codecs that it says i need:
-Intel Indeo Real Time Video 2.1
-Intel Indeo 3.1, 3.2
-Intel Indeo Video Interactive 4.1, 5.1
-Microsoft RLE
-Photo JPEG
-Editable JPEG
-VDOWave (VDOLive)
-ClearVideo (Real Video)

but these r hard to find so if anyone knows a site were to get them or a good codec site plz tell me or if u know what the problem is plz tell me also. reply

Use The Faimous One’s Codec Finder to find out what codec is required for the particular AVIs:


After using The Faimous One’s Codec Finder, does it say XviD and/or AC3 is required? reply


ok this is what it says:

Video Codec FourCC: xvid
Video Codec: XviD MPEG-4
Codec or Variant Installed?: YES!
Video Width x Height: 640 x 272
Video FPS/Bitrate: 23.976 / 1226 kbit/s

Audio Codec: AC3-Digital Filter
Audio Bitrate: 438 Kbit/s
Audio Channels: 5.1 (DSS)
Audio Samples: 48,000 Hz reply


oh and this isnt the only file this error comes with when trying to burn, and there completely different files but there still avi format. i havnt got AC3, what is it, were could i get it from.

ok this is what it says:

Video Codec FourCC:...........xvid
Video Codec:..................XviD MPEG-4
Codec or Variant Installed?:..YES!
Video Width x Height:.........640 x 272
Video FPS/Bitrate:............23.976 / 1226 kbit/s

Audio Codec:..................AC3-Digital Filter
Audio Bitrate:................438 Kbit/s
Audio Channels:...............5.1 (DSS)
Audio Samples:................48,000 Hz reply


Just to explain the composition of an AVI file:

When a movie is ripped from a DVD etc you have the option to encode it to an AVI (stands for Audio/Video Interleave). AVI is only the canister, or referred to as the Wrapper. It’s basically what you throw a movie into.

Most people tend to use XviD (MPEG4 based codec) to re-encode the Video Stream of a DVD (which is orginally in MPEG2 format). XviD is a Video Codec. Now, when you’re ripping from a DVD you’ve also got an AC3 Audio Stream that you can choose to rip.

A lot of people tend to re-encode/compress the orignal AC3 audio to MP3. Obviously this compression causes a loss-in-quality.

Those who want to retain the High Quality AC3 sound do not compress the Audio. They keep it as-is. This is where the AC3 comes from - it’s the original DVD movie’s audio. You can get it in 2.0 or 5.1 channels.

Once you’ve got all that, you put it in the AVI Wrapper/Canister. That will now be a movie with XviD (Video) and MP3 or AC3 (Audio) muxed (stands for Multiplexed) together. Multiplex basically means combined.

Incidently, you can put other Video and Audio formats in an AVI container. So, you could put 3ivX (Video) and AAC (Audio) into an AVI wrapper/canister.

When re-encoding to DVD you need all codecs so both Video and Audio streams are recognised:

Here is where you can get the Moonlight Odio Dekoda v1.23. This is capable of decoding AC3 audio - http://www.movieking.co.uk/files/index.php?action=file&id=5

Note: rename the file from .mk to .exe to open it. Reason why it’s .mk - http://www.movieking.co.uk/files/intro.html reply


do u know were to download an audio decompressor. reply


Hello, i’ve got a question....

I tried to play a AVI file but it didn’t work so I looked with a Programm wich coded it is. It says it’s xfr1 codec and it isn’t installed on my pc. But where can i get the codec from ?

Greets reply


Isn’t that an xfire codec?

It’s installed with it at least from what I’ve heard it is.

The “codec” is a modified version of the huffyuv codec.

The Huffyuv codec can be found in the K-lite codec pack. reply


HEEEELP! I’m in the middle of a DVDit project to burn a DVD I need in a hurry. Made the vid with AVID Express n squeezed with Sorensen Squeeze but when I try to import the file into DVDit, it says can’t handle MPEG without decoder. I’ve done this before and had it but had some virii recently n think decoder gone.
Can anyone help - please - and I’m in Nairobi, Kenya where noone knows this stuff much!
You can reach me directly at Oscar@iconnect.co.ke


Oscar Mann reply


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