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I just assembled a computer for which the primary use is as a HTPC (though it is also used for Folding@Home and games).

I have three problems related to audio:

1) On many videos, the audio is a split second out of sync with the video.
2) If I jump forward or back in a video, the audio becomes very out of sync (or goes silent).
3) On a few video/audio files, the audio is unintelligible. It sounds “super stuttered”.

The problem is not with the video files.

The video files reside on an external drive.

They play fine with my “old” computer, including fast forwarding and rewinding.

On the “new” computer I have an ASRock Z68 Extreme 4 motherboard.

The relevant driver from the ASRock web site is a realtek HD audio driver.

I have tried the Realtek driver from the ASRock site.
I have tried the Realtek driver from the Realtek site.
I have tried uninstalling the realtek driver, and using the default driver installed by Windows.

I have tried various codec packs (all latest versions), including:

Sharkey’s (Win7Codecs),

I have AC3Filter 1.63B installed.

This problem renders the new computer largely useless.

Any help appreciated.


Hi Bannerdog,

That sounds really weird. Initially I would have suggested that you try different drivers /upgrading drivers. But it appears that you already tried that.

I dont know if you have attempted to playback video using an alternate media player (such as VLC)? reply


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