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I am decrypting dvds and encoding them using flask. I have had no problems up to now. All of a sudden the audio and video are really badly out of sync. I havent changed anything on my pc as far as i know. I reformatted my machine hoping that, that might fix my problem but hasnt. I have a pentium ii with 256mb of ram. I am using ffdshow and nimo codecs. Can anyone enlighten me.. reply


I smell something reply


Try uninstalling Nimo. FFDShow itself doesn’t affect encoding.

Now install your preferred XviD or DivX codec.

- DivX 3.11a and XviD-1.0-RC3-29022004 Codename ni hao! are good.

You need to install a codec for audio too, but I’m not sure. It all depends on whether Nimo uninstalls any needed audio codecs. reply


To sausage,

what does that mean??????? reply



To FrightFo0,

Thanks i will give it a try.

I updated my dvd decrypter and now flask keeps coming up with errors and cant encode..

Huh, I have a pentium III, sorry missed an I

H:) reply


I have a PentiumII 266MHz with 288 sd ram and i’m trying to play some avi files but they the video and sound are not in synch and it the picture sometimes seems to be in slow motion.

Can anyone suggest some suitable codecs please or any other type of solution?

Or I just have to give up on watching movies on my pentiumII?

Thanks. reply


To enjoy most forms of video these days you usually need a processor of atleast 1GHz, depending on the format and what form of compression it uses.

Now, with that said there are things you can adjust to get some files to play better.

1 - Shut down ALL unnecessary processes; close all applications/programs that aren’t necessary.

2 - Lower your monitor’s screen resolution to its lowest. Right-click your PC’s desktop>Properties>Settings and choose the lowest settings for 'Color quality' (16 bit, for example) and 'Screen resolution' (800 by 600, for example).

3 - Use a low resource media player, such as Stamp3 -

4 - Maybe even try using VLC (

All of the above things are *ultimately* ways to take the pressure off the CPU. reply



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