AmCap AVI Corrupted Not enough disk space or Vista Update won't install

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I am unable to view recent AVI file captures. Programs indicate they cannot detect the codecs, render the file or the file is corrupt. These AVI’s have no video properties listed under file properties. I am not sure if the problem occurred due to a previously installed update,an unappliable update or, if I just ran out of disk space while recording these videos causing them to terminate unnaturally.

I am using Windows Vista Home Premium. I captured video through Phillips PC Cam - AmCap uncompressed dbi-AVI RGB 24.
Windows Media Player cannot detect a codec.
File properties list only the size but do not list any video or audio properties.
Some files have an attribute of A, others, AC or AN.
I am unable to render the videos in GSpot or any other program.

I was able to split it with master splitter and as described in another post attempt to replace the 001 file with that from a good video with the same codec etc... (50 is the size split)
When these are joined and opened in virtual dub - it only plays the portion of the video that copied over onto the corrupted stream.
Upon rendering it has all the correct information but shows the Avi file to be small (2%) and the rest to be unneccessary and at the end of the Video (junk).

I am not sure if this is caused by the below described scenario or if it simply because the program terminated unnaturally when i ran out of disk space.

I really need to retrieve these AVI Videos. Microsoft claims that they are not trained to fix videos only install and uninstall and further screw up my computer.

The history of the Microsoft problem is below for those interested. This may have caused the problem or like stated above i may have ran out of space. Either way I still cannot install the update that addresses the corruption in the AVISTream

Note: I am able to capture and view videos again at this time. It is the AVI recorded as described I cannot view.

AFter having a problem with IE7 I was unable to play any video captures. The Problem and Solutions link on my computer told me I required an update. This update addresses both AVI stream corruption and the IE crash. My system tells me when I try to install that this update does not apply to my system. I think it’s confused.

I have clocked around four hours a night with microsoft plus emails for two weeks where they have controlled & installed, uninstalled codecs programs to no avail. ie only crashes when i try to access the links in my menu bar. it does not crash in safe mode only in regular mode. Internet Explorer would randomly closed and the error message was received stating DEP has closed it to prevent damage to computer. When trying to play the video captures through Phillips PC Cam webcam, it indicated “the file is corrupt or I do not have the codec installed to read the video”.

The problem and solutions on my computer indicated installing update KB938979 would address these problems. However, when trying to install it, the message was received stating this update did not apply to the system,.

The update addresses the ie and avi problem but does not say how to repair those files that were corrupted in the interm. I really need those AVI files that have no Video properties added in reply

Well first I want to say thank you for reading my other posts before posting! It’s rare to see responsible posters on the board! Anyway for other people wondering what the heck is being discussed with mastersplitter at the top of the page, look around here

I read your post and about 1/3 of the way I got this idea:
I think you should increase the split size to 1 MB or more (maybe even 2 MB). You stated your compression settings are UNcompressed, and frame size for those is HUMONGOUS. At 50KB I doubt you even got the first frame in. And remember to open the file in avi compatibility mode and enable rederive keyframe flags to allow virtualdub to scan all of it.
And yes, if capture is interrupted, the file headers won’t be written. Ironically it’s the last thing written to the AVI when doing capture (probably because file size isn’t known until capture is completed). But without the header, the file won’t even be detected as an AVI.
Get back to us and let us know how it works out!

Miscellaneous debris:
For capture I usually like VidCap32. There’s not really an official version because it’s just sample code for the DirectX SDK or something (same with AMCap I believe). The cool thing about them is they let you select pixel format and codec for compression. If you want an official Microsoft product for capture,
Note: it does NOT let you select codecs at all. It captures to uncompressed AVI (which I think is lousy).
If you need a page that doesn’t require genuine advantage, go to pick Windows Media encoder in the first drop-down menu and scroll down for the next-to-last item.

It’s also possible to do capture with VirtualDub. Run VirtualDub, then click file, capture AVI. reply


I will let you know if it works. Thank you so much for responding. reply

I have followed the post and tried it in every possible configuration and size but it does not show any part of the original avi. Any other ideas? reply

I’m not too sure what to do at this stage. I think you should contact people who have experience with AVI’s at the byte level. Avery Lee (the author of VirtualDub (, the webmaster of, or regulars and admins at would be good starting points.
You don’t have to send them your whole file (I reckon it’s rather large), but you could send the first 5-10 MB (by splitting with MasterSplitter)), and perhaps another sample using the same settings as your original. They may be able to analyze the file with a hex editor and extract frames, or perhaps tell you how to do it. reply


Hi anonymous,

I tried your walkthrough, but at the end, I couldn’t face up with the last stage of your scenario. The only error I get is this:

AVI: Stream 0 (Video) has a non-zero start position of 13 samples (+433ms). VirtualDub does not currently support a non-zero start time and the stream will be interpreted as starting from zero.

I tried Open File dialog by checking “ask for extended options after this dialog” and after that “re-derive keyframe flags” and “open in avifile compatibility mode”, VirtualDub didn’t check it, and didn’t show any errors.

By the way, my file size is about 32 gigabytes :)
(you can see how hard to split and join it)

Thanks. reply



I have the same problem, did you ever fix the issue? I was recording video and ran out of disk space. It happened on several avi files each about 3 gigs in size. Any ideas or help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
You can also email me,

Jay reply


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