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On that date, lounge . moviecodec . com (or “loungeforums .com” as the url became) went down. it remains down. a source of mine has claimed, that the webmaster, indeed shut the site down. whatever the case may be, there are posters that still posted on that site, in spite of everything that has happened there...

so then, if it has indeed been shut down, then could the distant webmaster explain, just why it was shut down, and without even public notice of such action? to be quite blunt, it was rather rude, and inconsiderate of the posters and communities still posting there. to that very date, people still posted in the “i am lonely” thread, the “home of all freestyle raps and battles”, and “vs forum”. to that date, people still shared the happenings of their very lives, without holding back...

and now, the site is down, without so much as the courtesy of an announcement...

merry christmas bjarne


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