2 movies on 1 DVD

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I recently bought a DVD which had three movies. It worked on a regular DVD player. What I would like to know is that how is this possible and how can i do this.

an average dvd disk holds 4.6gig of space so thats more than enough room for 2 movies. u can do this with tmpeg converter. reply


The movies are in a lower-quality MPEG1 or MPEG2 video format. VCDs and SVCDs use these video formats.

Did you notice that they’re not as good as the quality of video that’s on a retail DVD-movie disc?

Incidently - standard SVCD does use the same MPEG2 video format as found on retail DVDs, but it’s not nearly as high in bitrate or resolution etc, as normal DVD standard MPEG2.

What did you pay for this DVD? I don’t recommend buying these things, as sometimes they can be good quality, and other times they’re terrible. It’s a trial and error sort of thing.

Ask the people who you bought it off to tell you the specs of it and compare those specs with *proper* DVD quality video. I’d hazard to guess that the quality would be much bellow DVD quality and not really worth the price payed for them. Besides you can make them yourself anyways.

Save the money that you’d usually pay for those DVDs and buy a DVD burner to create your own *high quality* DVD movie backups.

Yip - TMPGEnc can be used too, as nav said:

http://www.digital-digest.com/dvd/downloads/tmpgenc.html reply


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