WMV and AVI files don't seem to work on Media Player 9...help?

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I downloaded Media Player 9 because I figured it’d help me play these WMV and AVI files...Media Player 7 didn’t work well either. They are so choppy with their video...the audio plays fine but the actual video is bad enough to the point where it’s just not worth it. Maybe it’s the fact my computer is like 3 and a half years old now....or maybe that doesn’t matter, I’m not sure. Can anybody help?? MPG’s seem to work fine... reply

hey dude, just dont bother with windows media player its shit...

run this file , its an older version of a media player and is included in all versions of windows.


just run it from the start bar.... real simple and everything plays smooth
the problem with media player is it sucks up so much cpu bothering to accelerate the video and manage buffering that it actually interupts the video playback itself...

nate reply


first thing I would say is its the source video itself thats fucked when it was uploaded/downloaded my friend has an older computer 3-4 years and he has no problem with anything he plays new media files and all that-i would say its where the file came from which made it shitty not what you’re playing through-unless your computer ancient ...not to pick on you i had a P-90 from 94-98-if in doubt its always the source thats fucked up reply


Try looking at your files, see, some wmv’s will play and some won’t. You’re not talking to a genius here, but if that doesn’t work, try to find the file with a different extension. reply


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