where can i get a .bin codec?

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i got a video codec file .bin and none of my players can play it reply

.bin is an image file, not a codec, you need to make a cue file and burn it to disk reply


try vlc media player that work for me reply


yeah vlc media player defiantly just worked reply


my vlc media player is playing .bin files downloaded from youtube and other .avi files
but it skips sound every alternate second...
ne 1 help me plz... reply


I do karaoke and the .bin files for the CD-G discs are not played on regular PC’s. However, I downloaded a program called AUDIO GRABBR and it breaks down the files and saves them to my hard drive. Then using a program called KARAOKE BUILDER PLAYER I wa able to play the full karaoke sogns with audio on my PC. I dont' know if this is a similar situation for oyu or not. If so you can email me directly at gtcoole@bellsouth.net and I will chat with you more about it. reply


Hey. I just downloaded VLC Media Player.


Please answer by sending me an emial at


or send a youtube messege to SmashKing5000. reply


Hey, I just used VLC media player to play my file, but there’s no sound? Can someone help me?! reply


change your audio setting to 2. And yes vlc will play .bin files reply


it wont even let me open the audio tab let alone change it to 2 and it still wont play so if you can tell me just message me at

Allisbrawl.com username blackant

youtube username freezeboy95

or e-mail me at freezeboy95@yahoo.com reply


first off to get .bin or .cue to play in vlc you will need to open vlc (do not try to open any files yet) then change the settings (tools/prefrences/audio) change the output module to dummy output audio functio then click input & codecs click use gpu acceleration click use system codecs if available then change default caching policy to high latency and your done you can now load the file you want reply

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