.VSP File format not supported on Earth LOL!

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Hi Everyone
I received a DVD from South Africa with photos of my late father on it. I have tried almost every program imagineable to try and open the File extension (.VSP). Can somebody please help. I have tried Media Player, Classic Player, Real Player, AVS, Ulead Video Studio etc etc etc and I’m at my Wits end. reply

I think those may be Ulead VideoStudio Pro files.
I think only that program will open the files.
Note: Are you certain they’re video files? I suspect they may just be project files (like they list the videos or audio or image files that were used to make a production, the transitions and special effects, etc... but they don’t contain actual video - easy way to check is how big they are). reply


I think they are Photos and not videos. Any advise would be great. TA reply

can you upload one of the vsp files so we can try some programs on it?

you can upload to rapidshare.com or if you know ftp you can use ftp://upload.mplayerhq.hu/MPlayer/incoming reply


Just posted it to Rapidshare
Please let me know if you have any luck, Cheers reply

OK I’m pretty sure they’re Ulead VideoStudio Pro files now.
I’m looking inside the file in a hex editor and there’s strings like
C:\Documents and Settings\[username omitted]\My Documents\My Pictures\Daddy2.bmp
C:\Documents and Settings\[username omitted]\My Documents\My Pictures\Reunion2.bmp

Now I used to use Media Studio Pro (also by Ulead), and it makes .msp files for the projects, which also had strings like that. They link to the files that are used in the project.
In your case, it’s probably used for a slideshow. If you need the full list of files, I’d be glad to oblige. reply


Thank you for your response - I would like you to help me with the complete process of actually being able to vie the files.

Even if you retrieve the files or photos(Slideshow) - save them to another folder with a file extention I can view, I will then give you my private e-mail address and if possible can you e-mail them to me?
Did you see any of the photos on the .vsp attachment?

Cyber reply

Well the project files themselves don’t contain any images (just links to them), and probably won’t work without the referenced pictures (but perhaps they’re all on the DVD - they should be bmp files and a couple of wav files).
I sent you a private message listing all the referenced files inside the vsp file.
As for getting VideoStudio Pro, you can probably find an old or cheap version on ebay. I looked at the file some more and it appears the vsp you got was created on VideoStudio Pro 7, so getting versions around there should work (7, 8, or 9).
I see one hit on ebay right now http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=310042977546. It’s sold from the UK though, and it’s version 7 SE, so I’m not 100% sure. Ask the vendor if in doubt. reply


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