Tried to use isobuster on bin file doesn't work

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I have a few files I have extracted winrar and then extracted to get the bin and cue file. I tried to burn cue as image file in Nero but keep getting error that says can’t find bin file or error in bin file. I also tried to put the bin file into isobuster but that program is new to me.Can someone in very simple terms explain how to get nero to burn image on cd of cue file or how to get isobuster to extract whatever from the bin file and what happens after that.Driving me crazy!! Apprecitae any help you can offer=Can’t believe all the files are corrupted.

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Thank you so much

J reply

First make sure the .bin and .cue file are in the same location{EX.MY DOCUMENTS} and then fire up nero and go to image making and point to the .cue file and it should burn properly. If not i would use alcohol 120 and install the program and it puts a virtual drive on your computer. Then to see if it is corrupt mount the .bin file to your virtual drive and see what happens. It should auto-play or something, no error messages should come up. If they do then the file is corrupt. if its works fine then just you alcohol 120 and go to image burning and throw it on a disk and your done. reply


ORRRR, maybe try opening the file with VLC, as there are some funny kidders who change file names just to throw leechers off reply


Sorry but what does VLC stand for-kind of new at this. I also tried a new program cd image and it burned the file and said there were 696 mb. However when I try to view the contents using my computer nothing shows up on the disk. If it burned as it stated and it verified shouldn’t something show up. Also after it is burned as an image file will it play directly in my home DVD or do I have to do something else. I have a mutli national DVD player plays pals and NTSC it plays everything. But the disk i just burned with cd image won’t play so I guess even though it says there is something there-nothing is there. It can’t be this hard to burn a file. Is alcohol program a shareware program. If so where might I find it and is it easy to use.

Judy reply


You are the greatest-I dl the vcd gear and put the bin and cue file and it converted it to mpg in about 1 min so now I have two mpg files which I can burn as data using nero bec I have a multi national dvd player and it plays everything. Great program will always use with bin and cue files from now on. Very simple for all us newbee’s-Thank you so much for all the help
Anyone with problem with bin and cue dl vcd gear and it should solve your problems assuming files are not corrupt.
J reply


I have downloaded endnote and burned it to disk but when i put the disk in it won’t runxxxxx reply


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