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THM File is a file that gives a location in the system of a digital camera

And Someone also Said that you can turn that THM in Jpeg and you will see the first image that you recorded but a picture of it.

See YA reply


To clarify:
stands for thumbnail, as in thumbnail picture. It is actually a .jpg (picture format) only with a different extension (if your picturebrowser cannot accept it try to rename it from xxx.thm to xxx.jpg).

Why is it there?
For speeding up viewing. It is put there by your camera so that when you browse your movies on the camera it will show this picture (it is actually the first frame in the video) instead of having to go into the videofile to extract the first frame, which is very timeconsuming.

.mpg (sometimes .mpeg) or .avi
Are the extensions of the actual videofile that you camera produces, and are different encoding techniques that a normal computer videoplaying software should have no problem playing.

Some cameras produce these .thm files, some don’t. Sometimes they are placed in the same folder as the videofiles and sometimes somewhere else (maybe even in hidden folders). Some cameras even name the something else than .thm (but you should be very careful trying renaming files that you are not sure of (can make the whole thing stop working). reply



I have a question.
We recorded a few video clips with a canon photocamera (i think it was an S2, not shure).

I want to edit the video in vegas pro 5.0, but i get only audio...
I see a: Stream attributes could not be determined; message at the bottom of the info...
When i see propreties of the clip the video stream is off...

What kind of codec u need? i watch the movie in BSPlayer with no problems...Even open it in moviemaker, but i cant edit it:(

Are these files special? I can edit mpg files shot with a sony cybershot, xvid, divx...everithyng except these files!

Help me! reply


I have to say, reading these posts are f’in annoying. It has the FREAKIN answer in every post, and still people post with questions that have been posted 80x in the same forum.


If you dont have an AVI file or the like, accompanying the THM file, then you are also an idiot for deleting the actual video.



.thm = mobilefoon Themes reply


Hey guys, I have a simmilar problem but don’t quite understand...
I have a canon digital camera too, I need software to convert the thm files into avi.
Where can I find this software or how can I solve this problem?

Thanx for the answer, bye,

Milan reply


Oh for ***** sake!
The THM file is the first FRAME of the movie.
The AVI / MPG file is the MOVIE

As for playing “custom” movies on a camera youll have to get the codec right, the version, the bitrate, framerate, quality, audio config, and provably yes, the THM file needs to be configured to... I luff my cybershot p200 :p reply


If you guys are wondering what this thm files are doing in a Sony Ericsson then this files are the one that make your interface look more cool. these theme files are nothing but a zipped file i guess. U can open it in any compression tools like WinZip, WinRar etc. But sorry i dont know how to create a new theme. reply


I read about thm files being converted to jpg’s, by whipcreamlover, can someone gimmie a step by step on how to rename those thm’s to jpg’s, so I can see the image? That’s all.

Thank you reply


Just came across this while doing a search. Made two copies one an AVI the other a TMH. Now i know what to delete and what to save, Thanks. reply


OKAY! I just got a new Canon camera and didn’t realize I would have so many problems with the video. Well I went out on Christmas vacation to see my family 2,000 miles away, and mostly took videos on the digital camera. Well that quickly filled up my memory card and I had to upload the videos on my family’s computer and delete it off my camera. Later a family member burned all the files onto a CD for me. I have all the pictures but the videos are only in .thm I know some people were saying there is suppose to by another file in .avi but I don’t see any. Just the ones in .thm Do you think I lost these videos?? UNfortunately they are erally important to me, and Im hoping to be able to save these videos somehow. Is it possible the .avi files are hidden on the cd??? PLease help!!!1
Stephanie J. reply


is there a way to make a .thm file for my .mpg movies , so that i can play then on my camera reply


Reply to BabyVideoLover:
Check your memory card. If you ONLY deleted the files you moved off to the family computer, MAYBE the videos are still on your memory card. On my Canon S2, some of the files are in /DCIM/102CANON/ and other files are in /DCIM/103CANON/. Maybe you checked one folder but not another. My movie files have .AVI extension. Look for these. Good luck. reply


i was wondering if i could watch mpg movies on my camera
thats y i wana know how to make .thm files reply


WALTER OR ANYONE ELSE: did you find a player that plays THM files? i would be very very greatful if you could help me. maybe you have found something to convert these files. thankyou very much. dlair reply


I need to convert jpeg to thm, do any of you know where I can download a free version? reply


hey guys, thanks for all the info... anyone have any idea on a program or a way of making a thm file? reply


I have a canon SD400 and the video that I am taking on it is in .avi format. The problem is that vegas 6 will open other .avi files, just not the ones captured on the canon. Is there any specific codec or plug in that I need to download in order for these files to play. They play in windows media player just fine just, but when I try to open them in vegas all I get is audio. Any suggestions.... reply


Is there a setting you can cange so the thm file is not crated so it doesn’t wast space on my memory stick? reply


Dear OMG,Guest,

As you mentioned that you are able to play “custom” video on you sony P200,
So can you please provide me some hints of doing this.
I have been desperately looking an answer to such query from long time.

Thanks a lot in advance for your support.

Manu reply

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